Personal Shopper – Toddler Fashion


Personal Shopping for toddler-clients has never been top of the Mabelle Style list until the past year. Once I posted a few photos of my own toddler, who receives special treatment in the fashion department, I received some inquiries.  The dress shown in this picture was a smocked green-print cotton dress purchased from the gift store at London Heritage Farm  as a special present from her Grannie. I added a cool pair of trendy pink Converse. She currently has a staple supply of hair-bows for everyday to match her outfits.

We  have often been stopped on walks where people compliment her fashion style. I’ll be honest, it’s a minimal multi-function wardrobe with some of the coolest pieces coming from Varage Sale (an app based in your area that you can consign products). Since having a baby, I’ve been asked numerous times to do a blog on the brands I love and where I shop. See below a list of my personal fave kids brands and why.

Tea Collection – TC carry an unique supply of fun prints! My favorite is the pj’s and leggings! They also have some cute prints on t-shirts and dresses.

LP Apparel – LPA has super cute t’s and hats! (Canadian too) Fits/sizes are on the smaller side.

Posh & Cozy – PC have the cutest graphic sweatshirts.

Petunia & Buster – PB carry my favorite harem pants, the prints are adorable. Local too!

Noppies – Overall, some cute fashionable pieces.

Mini Mioche – This brand is an all time fave! Fabric is organic and their clothes are made in Canada. Not only are the clothes perfect basics, they also have the coolest kicks like Vans & Adidas.

Childhoods Clothing – The products I favor are the camo prints and the very soft fabrics! Rompers are super cute as well.  They are a bit pricey with the dollar exchange but they use domestic manufacturers.

Portage and Main – PM carry fun and creative graphic t’s. Canadian brand!

Whistle & Flute – Cutest Prints! From sushi to cotton candy. Local Brand!

Aloha Kai – AK offer the coolest hats for kids. If you going to Hawaii you must shop this brand first for the perfect photo opp outfit. Local Brand!

Zara Kids – ZK carry a great supply of basics, cardigans, as well as some fun fashion pieces. This is an easy site to shop online and their prices are pretty good. I purchased a down coat last winter for $35 and it looks like it will fit through this winter!

H&M – Great prices and their looks are cute! I bought a lot from H&M. It is easiest to shop online for correct sizes. The conscious line is my favourite for basic rompers, onesies and layering pieces. Also, H&M has a good variety of hats for the little ones.  (Fits big)

Gap Toddlers – This store has the best sales! You never have to pay full price. I always purchase her skinny jeans/jeggings here.

Carters – Best price for cute onesie packs! They also have three piece outfits that come with a fun printed fleece jackets. (Perfect for Vancouver weather.)

Minimoc – From age 1-2, my baby lived in the soft sole mocs. (Gray, Pink & Cream colour.) I have not tried their sneakers yet. Local brand!

Converse – Because who doesn’t love Converse? It’s pretty fun to have matching shoes with your kids isn’t it? Well i’m sure not for much longer.

Native Shoes – A popular shoe company for both kids and adults. My daughter is obsessed with her Natives. I got her first pair on Varage for $8 in mint condition. They are comfy and practical in so many ways. Local brand!

Adidas – Another fave sneaker brand in lots of colours that you can have matching shoes!





Personal Shopper – Mabelle Style is in full swing

Mabelle Style is taking on new clients!
If you dread searching for hours in a shopping mall or if you find it difficult to put new outfits together from your wardrobe, then its time to consider a personal shopper. Take a moment to look through our services that Mabelle Style offers for both men and women.
Last year I was at the maximum for my profile of clients with the birth of my daughter. I’m now shifting gears back to full time styling which allows me to increase my clientele.
With that being said, we are offering a couple of perks for 2019 shopping ….
New Client?
  • We have a combined special package for wardrobe organization & personal shopping.

Existing Client?

  • We now offer a new amazing referral program!

Email for more details.

Personal Shopper – A Fashion Lookbook

Pants: Paul Smith
1st polo: Fred Perry
2nd polo: Rag & Bone
Sneakers: Wings & Horns

Gentleman prefer photos … Updating a man’s wardrobe and piecing together outfits is one thing but coming home from a successful shop done with your very own personal shopper is a whole other mattar. Not only do you end up with complete new outfit combinations but you also have the opportunity to build on the current outfits you already have in your wardrobe. You can receive on average at least 15 – 20 new looks per season!

One of the most requested services I receive is to find a way to document all the possible clothing combinations. The lookbook I create simplifies your morning selections by not having to think about how to pick and put together items and still look good. Instead, you turn to your personal collection of photos that showcase several combinations that work. Simply select what you feel like wearing for that day. The photos can be sent in email to save on your computer/phone or printed into an book!

I’ve created two separate lookbook updates last week for two different male clients. I thought I’d share some snaps for you to view of what a Mabelle Style fashion lookbook entails. Enjoy!

Personal Shopper – Styling Suits For The Ladies

How often do you see women wearing suits today?

I guess this could be dependent on what city you’re living in. Being based in the Vancouver market, I would say it isn’t something my clients are often looking for these days, but I have noticed during the past year the style of suits have really changed. They have become more versatile and fashionable, no longer carrying the stigma of being a ‘stuffy and corporate’ appearance for only certain jobs. You are now seeing suits worn on all different age groups and in all works-of-life. It’s the trend, and has become the norm with evolving styles from cropped pants and oversized blazers to bold prints, which provide options on how and when we wear a suit in Vancouver. I wanted to show you a few styles I’ve been providing clients in suits this season! Taking the classic colours of navy/hunter-green plaid, this multi-functional oversized fit is both professional and fun and gives three looks! (This suit is from Aritzia for $490)

First look – corporate day job to a night out for drinks at the Pacific Rim with a fierce heel.


Second Look – a fun style of oxford shoes give the suit a relaxed day look for a casual job to an evening out, pretty much anywhere in the city!


Third look – my fave. Who doesn’t want to wear a pair of sneakers? Well today, it is acceptable to wear with suits. Pick up a cool pair of Adidas for $90 and this can take your suit pretty much anywhere in the city .. looking very trendy and comfy all in one!

Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Personal Shopper!

 The best part about being a personal stylist is the feedback received from clients who explain how great they feel following a consultation by hiring a professional to understand their personal needs. Here is a list of the top five reasons why my clients regard Mabelle Style as a ‘good investment’.


Wardrobe Consultation 

An unorganized, overstuffed closet can cause anxiety, confusion when you can’t clearly see your clothing. You should be able to spot a possible outfit combination with a quick glance. By having your own stylist professionally clean out & organize your wardrobe, you will visibility be able to interpret new ensembles at a moments notice. The Personal Stylist will automatically piece together new looks and options, and then observe any particular weak areas required to create a well rounded wardrobe.


Looking Good without the stress
A skilled Stylist produces an effortless approach for the client, who doesn’t want to think about how to do it, by generating multiple outfit combination’s, and then documents them all with photographs. An easy way to view and select an outfit from the closet that matches the picture… voila! A Simple way to look your best.


Time Saver
Numerous clients dislike spending time shopping in malls because they can’t find what they want, feel pressured by sales people or leave with pieces instead of outfits. The stylist does the legwork and finds all the items for you, saving hours of time that you could put to better use!


Money Saver
How many times do you leave the mall spending large amounts of money and don’t even know what you bought or purchase clothes that don’t get worn. With a stylist you save money with new items pulled specifically for you that are multi-functional. Numerous outfits are created by adding new pieces to the current wardrobe. Also, you save money by doing a couple of shops a year instead of hitting the mall multiple times (all that wasted $ adds up). By setting a budget with your stylist, you save time and costly mistakes.


Feeling Confident 
The number one reason I style for my clients is to make them feel better about themselves. Wearing well fit clothes make you feel comfortable, look fashionable and most importantly you feel confident… a real boost once the compliments start rolling in.

Blazer: Banana Republic Hoodie: American Apparel Denim: Armani Exchange Boots: Zara

Blazer: Banana Republic
Hoodie: American Apparel
Denim: Armani Exchange
Boots: Zara

Stylist – Spring into camel!

Coat: Zara
Shirt: Uniqlo
Denim: Citizen of humanity
Boots: Stuart Weitzman

Spring has sprung and the heavy sweaters have been packed away by now.  When it comes to fashion choices at this time of year we often hear about flowers. We see so many floral options year after year . Instead of jumping on the floral train, one of my personal favorite colour pallets to get us through spring is the colour camel!  It looks fabulous with a white on white combination as well as with just your basic denim! Check out the looks below.

Jacket: Tory Burch Sweater: Oak & Fort Denim Bag: Coach Denim: A/X Boots: Stuart Weitzman

Stylist – Mad For Plaid

Anyone else mad for plaid this fall? It’s a pretty big trend happening right now and the best part is it doesn’t even have to match!! You can mix numerous colours and prints with plaid, all in one look and be right on point. My personal style is a bit more classic which means I took a subtle look to this colourful trend. I picked up a plaid dress from Zara and paired it was a clean black blazer and heels for this outfit post.

Another outfit idea that can keep up with the plaid trend and is an easy find in the stores right now,  a plaid blazer. Take a pair of jeans and a fresh t-shirt and add that one fall trendy piece to the closet and you have an updated look!

Blazer: Smythe
Jeans: Mother
Boots: Stuart Weitzman


Stylist – Polka Dots For Fall!

Blazer: Smythe
T: Balmain
Skirt: Top Shop
Boots: Valentino

Fall fashion comes with cozy sweaters, layering, boots and dark colours. The season also comes with a few pop of prints! This fall the prints to keep an eye out for are cheetah, dark florals and polka dots!

I didn’t want to spend a lot on this trend as I dont think its something i’ll wear regularly so I picked up this $68 skirt from Top Shop and styled it with some staple pieces I’ve had in my wardrobe for a long time. The Smythe blazer & Blamain t-shirt have been in my wardrobe for 3 years and the Valentino boots have been with me for 7 years! This look may be about a trend but also a reminder how important investments pieces can be!!

Stylist – To dress the dress up or down?

With sneakers becoming such a huge trend these past few seasons it’s nice to finally have a comfortable shoe option when heading out the door! The sneaker trend has gone from classic Adidas Stans & Old Skool Vans to top designers such as Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton doing some seriously chunky over the top white sneakers.

Photography: Christine Pienaar

While going through you closet seeing some dresses that may have been a one time wear or have felt just a bit dressy to wear everyday can now be mixed into everyday fashion and get a little more use! Pop on a classic leather jacket and some sneakers and you now have a day look. Keep the dress going into the evening by swapping out the sneaker and adding the heel! Multi-functional and stylish all in one.

This Ted Baker midi dress was a prefect piece to do so! I’ve styled it with some Vans and a leather jacket for day and a black heal & crossbody clutch for evening.

Stylist – The Pantsuit


The look could be ‘mens inspired’ or stolen from Hillary Clinton, wherever it may have come from the pantsuit is a huge fall trend this season. The inspiration is not just about a men’s inspired design it’s most importantly about colour this time around. Nothing beige, boring or even basic, it’s all bold. You can opt for a bold primary colour, print or combine the colour and print all in one like Blake Lively has been doing recently.

My look was an easy find taken right off the rack at They had a great looking suit that just hit the stores with a high waist pant and loose fitting blazer. The options were red, baby blue or pink. I can never pull off red, I felt the blue was a bit to basic so I went for the baby pink. Take a look below for some outfit goals this fall.

Suit: Aritzia Top: James Perse Shoes: Manolo Bhlanik Photography: Christine Pienaar