Spring Trends 2024

I want to take a different approach on sharing what trends are happening this season. If you follow along or work with me you’ll know I’m not a huge believer in adding an over abundance of trendy pieces in to your wardrobe each season. Normally I’d share a list of very specific trends that are happening this season but sometimes it can be hard for a client to know how to translate specific trends into their everyday wardrobe or for their personal fit and shape.

To give you an example of what runway trends are happening this season; sheer, short shorts, metallic, flapper, 90’s, fabrics with big roses & outfits that are all white.  When I see this list I think to myself, hmmm, how much of those trends am I going to incorporate into my capsule style wardrobe this season? I for sure won’t be adding all those trends, but I will incorporate some, styled in ways that will keep my wardrobe both fresh and up to date this season, while maintaining my minimalist, classic style.

To show you how I’m doing this,  I’ve put together my shopping list of pieces & styles you’ll see added into my personal wardrobe this season. I thought this could be a more realistic way to visually see how to refresh & update a wardrobe this season.

I’ve added some styling images as well to correlate with some of the items on the shopping list below, a lot of the time trends can be introduced by the fit, updated fabrics or as simple as a few accessories.

Check out my Spring shopping list and some images for inspiration on what to add this season to keep your wardrobe up to date.  There is a sprinkle of trends but it’s minimal and shown through fits and fabrics.

  • Black Trench (flow & fit of fabric, has movement)
  • Updated knit tops (a little detail and maybe minimal designer branding)
  • Silk men’s inspired blouses
  • Black Shorts (not shorty shorts. I’ll style these with sheer tights)
  • 1 Cotton barrel style pant
  • 1 Wide leg trouser with colour (high waist and flowy)
  • Cream wide leg jean
  • One cotton printed dress (casual, flowy spring/summer)
  • Cognac or off white sandal
  • Tote (A classic non trendy style, this is more of a need in my wardrobe vs a want for the season)
  • Add to my necklace layering (something chunky and heavier gold)
  • Index ring (Add to my ring stacks that I wear everyday.)
  • An off white belt (puts together an all white ensemble that is trending this season)

Additionally, keep in mind styles that have carried over from previous seasons that are great for this Spring; loafers, sling back pumps, wide leg jeans, a cool pair of sneakers, straw/raffia bags and denim on denim looks.

Remember, not every trend is for everyone but it is important to keep your wardrobe up to date and fresh each season.  Remove pieces you don’t love or aren’t wearing anymore and make room for what you’ll feel great in and wear 100% of the time!