Colour & Capsule Wardrobes

Creating a capsule wardrobe is one of the most requested style goals that I get asked for when talking with new clients. Having a capsule wardrobe is the first step into creating an overall effortless, classic, timeless personal wardrobe. When we think of capsule wardrobes, we often think neutral colours (camels, creams, black, navy, shades of gray.) Each season, that capsule wardrobe can get a little refresh to keep  your style up to date, a great way to do this is by adding  a little colour. It could be a seasonal trending colour or specific colours you know work for you. Now, the question may be, how do I add colour into the mix and still maintain that classic, timeless capsule wardrobe?

Number 1 style tip to adding colour into your wardrobe:

Follow the 3 colour rule, meaning pair no more then 3 colour’s with in an outfit, this tip will help keep your outfits visually appealing with out having to overthink when adding colour. Some may think neutrals are an exception, but this isn’t the case. Neutrals are the key foundation base while adding that pop of colour, the outfit is then balanced with out becoming overwhelming.

Number 2 style tip, add print into your wardrobe:

When following the 3 colour rule, you can definatley add a print that may have more then 3 colours with in the print and that’s okay! The key to making those prints flow is to ensure the alternative 2 colours in your outfit are pulled from the print. Ideally neutrals are the best option to build around a print, but you want to make sure those neutrals are somewhere in the print.

Number 3 style tip, add your pop of colour through accessories:

My personal favorite, each season I like to add a trending colour into my wardrobe. This season it was a steal blue last season it was a deep olive green. I often do this through accessories. Even if the accessories are a neutral, they are considered part of the 3 colour rule and you should really try to ensure your shoe & handbag, belt & shoe or belt and handbag match. I did the olive green in a bag & belt and the steel blue in a bag & shoe. I then built my outfit around those pieces by adding only two other colours to the entire outfit.

If you’re thinking wow these are great tips but where do I start, reach out! Mabelle Style is the Canadian expert stylist for creating capsule wardrobes &  interchangeable wardrobes for an easy, effortless, classic look. Even better, we do look books where we put all those outfit combinations together in a PDF document, you’ll be able to visually see how the 3 colour rule comes into affect for all your outfits.

Check out some looks below, they are from my personal wardrobe, following these 3 simple steps.