“An amazing experience! I originally hired Lindsay to do a closet organization and shop for my husband as a birthday gift and he loved it! I was so impressed with her ability to tailor i tot my husbands needs that I hired her to do the same for myself a few months later.” ~ Kirsten

“I am extremely pleased with the closet clean out provided by Lindsay! The process was quick and easy and the results were fantastic! Eliminating old items that no longer suit my lifestyle makes my closet much more manageable.  Everything is organized, making picking my outfit for the day quick and effortless.” ~ Sarah

“ I’m glad you push my boundaries during our shops and getting me into new styles” ~ Christine

“I had a wonderful experience on our shopping day, I will be calling next time I’m in town again” ~ James

                   “I’ve been shopping with Lindsay for almost 10 years ! She’s got great eye for good style, has no problem staying within my budget and I love all the tips she gives me for putting outfits together. She had planned outfits for my tv appearances, my day to day work clothes , weekend brunch outfits and also formal events. I’ll be using this service for a long time!”  ~Jenice

“Thank you for all the hard work.  I actually quite enjoyed the experience and was very happy with the pieces I ended up with.  There is something quite refreshing about getting a fresh start on your wardrobe” ~ Brent

“I’m very excited for my new wardrobe, it was such a painless process” ~ Leslie

“Wow I can always count on you to come through, so many options!” ~ Dayna

“Thank you Lindsay for the best shopping experience, my husband loved everything we purchased” ~Jenn 

“My husband looked at his lookbook today for a new outfit combination and he looked so amazing!” ~ Mel

“I absolutely loved everything, like LOVED! ” ~ Danielle

“It’s been exciting having new clothes and trying new styles” ~ Carrie