About Lindsay Wilkins


With an extensive family history in the Canadian fashion industry, Lindsay was destined to follow in the footsteps of both her grandmother – who was a designer for Eaton’s in the 1950’s – as well as her successful interior designer mother. Lindsay began her career as a student at  Blanche MacDonald, where she completed the Fashion Merchandising Program. She then worked with several international retailers in visual, sales and operation roles supervising multi locations in the western Canada area. With more than 15 years of experience, Lindsay has extensive knowledge of the retail industry and a direct link to the hottest brands. Her image consulting business is celebrating 10 years this year and is where she contributes her keen eye for fashion towards helping people achieve their personal goals by enhancing their style. Whether you’re looking for the most current runway styles, a classic and updated professional look, or just every day casual wear, Lindsay can help improve your fashion confidence.

Email: mabellestyleconsultant@gmail.com

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