Stylist – Denim updates for 2018

Brand: Mother Denim

Brand: Frame Denim

I feel like it’s been forever that the skinny denim has been the style of the season, over and over again. I’m not complaining,  as I do love a stretchy skinny and I haven’t been ready to embrace the boot cut since the late 90’s.  I’m happy to see this newest denim trend is something different, something new for me. I have personally never had such a wide leg denim in my wardrobe till this Spring!

My look below – I have purchased two different styles of wide leg this season from the denim looks can be worn casual with a cute sneaker, or dress them up with a clean high heal.  Also,  the sock boot is still going strong this season and can look great with a wide leg. Keep in mind most wide leg denim styles in the stores this season tend to be high waisted, make sure you tuck, tuck, tuck otherwise you can end up looking wide from top to bottom!