Personal Shopper – Sneak Peak Into A Men’s Fall Shop

Recently we did a men’s personal shop for fall! This client has been a regular, shopping with Mabelle Style for coming up four years. We went through his closet beforehand and cleaned out lots of worn out bottoms and basics as well as shoes. During the personal shop we made sure to ¬†update those worn out pieces as well found items to create full outfits going into the chilly weather. This client loves t-shirts which meant we need to find some great layering pieces to give more to the t-shirt style. We ended up with a cool mid weight Hugo Boss blazer that was a knit blend – not only a perfect weight for Vancouver weather but it won’t wrinkle when travelling! We also purchased 5 updated jeans/pants, three new shoes and plenty of tops. Check some outfit photos below to see his cool style for this fall.