Check out @timelinegastown a hidden gem.

I have been a big consigner since the age of 13. Crazy right!! Shopping habits started young with my Dr.Martin collection in grade 8. Red patent to plaid 8 holes.. had to make money off them when the trend ended to afford the latest trend rolling thru by grade 10 lol. The consignment world has always been like and additional job to keep up with the fashion trends. I have had challenges over the years finding a consigner who pays out, sells goods at realistic prices and allows drop offs at anytime. I have now recently found Timeline in gastown who solves all those problems…

*Shop designer items at amazing prices
*There is no minimum amount of items you must bring in to open an account & consign.
*They pay cash-up-front for some items
*track your items & payout from home with our private online login, exclusive to Timeline Boutique
And much more check them out