Personal Stylist | All In The Details

The most important steps for understanding how to elevate ones personal style are: Knowing your body shape & sizing, detailing your outfits to add dimension and incorporating subtle accessories to each look.  I’m sharing with you some of my favorite little details I like to teach my clients at their styling consultations as well as what accessories you should add into your wardrobe.  If you’re wondering, what about the body shape part? Check out my previous blog on body shapes HERE 

Photographer for below images: Christine Pienaar Photo



Adding dimension & shape to an outfit is in the little details. It doesn’t matter what size or shape you may be, doing these  steps can change your overall look.

  • French tuck, take 1-2″ of the front of your top and tuck it, keeping the remainder of the shirt un-tucked.
  • Roll up or push up your sleeves to just below the elbow leaving 1/4″ skin showing.  This is a great tip for both casual & business casual outfits, it creates an approachable vibe with in your outfit.
  • The correct neckline, it could be a v, crew, scoop, or boat neck. Try on different necklines to find which is most flattering to your shape, it could be more then one!
  • The hem length on your pants, each style of pants require different hem lengths. How do you know whats correct? If a pant tapers or is straight I’d suggest hemming to at or above your ankle. When wearing a wide leg, keep your hem full length. You’ll often see hems that are to long and they end making the leg looking shorter or thicker or the hem is may end up to short which can take the away the style of the pant.
  • The rise of your pants, no matter what the trend is (eek who else is reading about the low rise comeback) keep in mind not every trend is for everyone. You should shop trousers/jeans where the rise is at the best place on your waist, this could be any rise it all depends on where the smallest part of your waist is. Understanding your proportions and shape before you shop is key to learning the best rises.



There is two categories that are important to invest in. Number 1 is denim (we aren’t talking about that today but thought I’d share!) and number 2 is accessories. You can be wearing something as simple as a t-shirt & jeans, a simple way to kick it up a notch is by adding some accessories.

  • When you’re french tucking or doing a full tuck add a belt, it will finish off the look and create shape at the waist line. You can start with a simple leather belt but if you’re interested in investing in pieces within your wardrobe a designer belt is a great starting point.
  • Jewelry, you don’t need a lot for everyday.  I’d suggest simple hoops, a couple of stacked bracelets or rings and try layering two necklaces at different lengths. You can mix metals or keep with your metal of preference. For event styling, I’d suggest finding fun costume style accessories.
  • Shoes, I feel like I should have put this first as I think it is the most important accessory.  I use to hear this saying  ‘you can tell a person by their shoes’ and there is probably some truth that. It’s not a category you need to invest in, their is so many different brands with on-trend style footwear but they can be the focal point of your outfit.
  • Handbags, a personal favorite of mine. Having a bag that is cohesive to your lifestyle is important. The two most popular styles with Mabelle Style clients is either a cross-body or a tote bag, depending on their needs.  Handbags are a category I do suggest eventually investing in. A fabulous handbag can dress up any outfit, even your lulu-lemons!
  • Sunglasses, with Spring/Summer just around the corner, having a cool pair of shades is a nice accessory that can also be timeless. You don’t need to update this category every year. Try something as classic as a Ray Ban style, they look great and never go out of style.