Dress For Your Body Type

One of the most common challenges I hear from potential clients looking to hire a fashion stylist, “I can’t find anything that fits my body type.” Insert the expert stylist, I specialize in knowing brands that work for a range of different body types and most importantly I will share styling tricks to ensure your consistently featuring the most flattering areas of your body.

When creating/finding a personal style, you first want to have an understanding of your body shape.  Once you have discovered what your body shape is,  you’re now one step ahead, making it easier to shop brands that fit and are complimentary, this leads you to feeling more confident in your newly discovered style.

Check out the chart above to define your shape and read below to learn style tips that will enhance your style.

*Balance your fits, if you’re wearing something lose or wide on top, stream line the outfit by having a tailored or cropped bottom,  this creates a slimming effect. If you have a fitted or tucked top add a belt and wear a straight, wide or lose bottom.

*Colours and prints, keep it simple by only having three colours max in your outfit (head to toe.) If you incorporate a print,  pull an alternate colour from the print into your outfit.  Having colours blend and match will create a symmetrical look no matter what your size or shape is.

*Wear outfits that downplay the area’s of your body type that feel uncomfortable or are not as flattering. This will help with comfort and confidence within your personal style.

*Find ways to enhance the areas you’re most confident about.  Example, finding your waist or creating shape at your waist is a small styling tip that will complement shape. Another example, you love your legs so why not wear the cropped or slim pants, skirts & dresses!

*The rise of your pants, this is not only important for fit & style it is also very comfortable when you have a pant that is the correct rise for your shape and size.

*Something as small as an accessory can really elevate certain body shapes, for example, if you feel like the waist isn’t your best feature or you don’t have a waist to feature, add a belt! No matter what shape or size, a belt will create shape at your waist line.

*The details, a little half tuck with your shirt into the front of your bottoms can change the entire look, pushing sleeves up to just below your elbow or  wearing the correct neckline for you (crew, cowl or v-neck etc.)

*It’s Important to know what colours work best for both your skin tone and body shape. It’s not to follow a chart or anything like that, something as basic as knowing if you need warm or cool colours can go along way.

Want to learn more about styling to your body type? Try working one on one with a fashion stylist!