It finally seems like travel is back, with long lines up to get your passport, long lineups for quick drives to the boarder, or long line ups at the airport. Whichever way your travelling right now, it’s busy.

Before you head out for your next trip, the stresses of packing begin.  What am I going to wear? How can I pack less? As you go through your vacation clothes that haven’t been worn in the past two+ years, you may be thinking, do these even fit anymore? Are any of these clothes cool anymore?

To get you on the right track, I’m sharing some packing tips and must-have seasonal trends for your travels.

*Make a list. Write down what you wear each day / evening and only pack those items.

*Have shoes that can mix & match with different outfits as you never want to pack a ton of shoes, they take up so much space!

*Pack top & bottom sets and monochromatic pieces (meaning 2-3 colours per outfit that can mix and match.) This can simplify making interchangeable outfits and help you pack a little less.

*Roll instead of fold all the apparel going into the luggage, this will create more space.

Below I’ve shared some images of my must haves for travelling ~

  1. Longchamp large bag. It folds up into your luggage, it fits a lot of a carry on ‘purse’ and its waterproof for heading to the beach or pool
  2. A jean short that fits, Agolde has really figured out the perfect jean short, and they look great, super casual or dressed up in the evening.
  3. Sets, depending on the climate of your travel, having a short & shirt set is another great day to night look. If you want a cool airport travel look try a cashmere or sweatsuit set.
  4. Sunglasses, don’t forget a cool pair of shades.
  5. Small crossbody or belt bag. They fit in the carry on handbag but when you leave the big handbag  at the hotel you can just pop on your crossbody and head out, another day to night item.
  6. Cool sneaker on the air plane & for long tourist walks, slip on sandals and one evening shoe for nice dinners, is ALL you need.
  7. Hat, find one that suits you. Baseball caps or straw hats would be my suggestion.