Why Fashion Stylists Love A Good Blazer

If you’re following fashion stylist’s, personal shoppers or an influencer you will notice they tend to have blazers on rotation for an outfit post, photo shoot or even their daily street style. You may ask yourself, why is a blazer so common with style guru’s? You may  be thinking it can be to formal or for a work event and not just not your personal style. BUT that is not the case – we as stylists love a great blazer for every style you can imagine!

What can a blazer do for your wardrobe & style? (And why we love to incorporate them into your wardrobe!)

  • A perfect fit blazer can create a waist for your shape.
  • If you’re wearing some old jeans & a t-shirt pop on a blazer and you’ve styled up your outfit.
  • Create a full suit with matching pants (add sneakers to dress down the overall look)
  • Want to create multiple outfits with the less is more philosophy? A classic blazer can create many looks by layering with everything in your wardrobe.
  • Don’t have a blazer? Start with finding a blazer that fits just right, go for black as your first choice, this colour will mix & match with everything.