Stylish & Smart Looks For Mom

May 26, 2024

Running around with 1, 2 or 3 plus kids,  you might be thinking the words stylish & fashionable do not exist in your lifestyle. That does not have to be the case, you don’t have to live in just stretchy pants! There is a few simple style tips and items you can add into your wardrobe that will help you achieve stylish & cool looks! As a Mom, I know that being uncomfortable or having to think hard about what to wear each morning is the worst. I personally prefer a wardrobe that follows the ‘less is more’ philosophy to avoid feeling overwhelmed when I look in my wardrobe, but to follow that philosophy you need to make sure you have the right pieces.  I’m sharing some fashion tips and style options in this blog, try adding some into your wardrobe, I promise these couple of looks will limit your Lululemon days and you’ll become that chic mom :)


T, Hoodie & Turtleneck

A cotton T-shirt, turtleneck or hoodie, seems simple right? It is that simple, finding a fun graphic t-shirt with your favorite band or quote is a great idea but if you want to start with a basic, I’d suggest getting the perfect T’s in white, gray & black. When it gets cold substitute the t-shirts with a classic, fitted turtleneck or comfy hoodie/sweatshirt. These tops are comfortable, simple to layer and can add style to your wardrobe.



What’s a shacket you might ask? One of the biggest trends of 2020! Think an oversize button up shirt made out of warm jacket material (wool or thick cotton.) Pop them over any T, turtleneck  or hoodie and style open or belted. If you’re someone who prefers neutrals, like a beige black or gray check Aritzia. If your someone who wants to add a pop into your wardrobe, I’d suggest going for a bold plaid styles, Zara has so many fabulous options!


Lounge Coat

When you think of a lounge coat, think your most comfy house coat, long and flowy (belted optional.) I prefer the lounge coat with out a belt as I like to leave mine open or add my own belt (personal preference!) Another great layering piece with T’s, turtlenecks and comfy sweatshirts. It’s the length and the flow of this coat that will elevate your overall look. You want the style to fall below the knee at a minimum and as long as to your ankles! Wear it with something as simple as a Converse or kick it up a notch by adding a cute ankle boot.


Stretchy Jeans

I often hear about the discomfort of jeans and how clients have never been able to find a jean that fits until they worked with me! The trick is to find a brand that fits your body type as well as has the right amount of stretch for your comfort. I like to suggest quality over quantity with denim, it’s an item worth investing. Once you find the perfect fitting pair, you will live in them (I promise.)



Sneakers = comfort, I’d say sneakers are the most comfortable shoe that keep you looking like the cool mom.  There is many sneaker options to choose from, you’ve got the Old Skool Van’s at $80 or designers, whom have all launched sneakers $400+.  I could make a list of my favorites at all different price points but I’ll start with this… If you don’t have a cool sneaker, try the $60 classic Converse. You can’t go wrong!



If sneakers are to casual for your personal style or you want to kick-up it up a notch and add a bit more to your basics, I’d suggest an ankle boot. They are easy to slip on, you don’t need a heel higher then 1-2″. You may think a boot is only good for the Fall  season but you can easily transition the booties from Winter to Spring / Summer with dresses, for an alternative look.


Faux Leather Legging

There was no way I’d get a buy in from my mom clients if I didn’t include a stretchy pant into their wardrobe. I know, I hear you, you love pants that stretch but they don’t all have to be Lulu’s! Try a faux leather pair, they feel like a legging but look like a leather pant.  They look great with both sneakers or booties and every other item I’ve suggested in this blog! A fashionable outfit that includes stretchy pants, best news ever, right? Spanx & Aritiza both have great options.


Handsfree Bag

I have never been one to wear a shoulder bag. I try, but it often drives me crazy, even before having a kid. Having your hands free gives you more accessibility to do things with-out distraction from a bag. I have two styles to suggest, which I personally like to wear together when I’m with my daughter.  The backpack, which keeps all her snacks, toys and necessities.  With or with-out a backpack, I will always have a small cross body on which holds my wallet/cards, lip balm, keys and phone. I have easy access to grab the little things I frequently need with out taking the backpack off. Great combo, looks cool and happens to be practical.