Styling For You 2023

As we head into 2023 there has been a lot of talk about what the New Year’s resolution will be or what you’re going to set goals and focus on. We have heard friends and family say that they will be joining a new gym or starting a new diet. There is nothing wrong with that thought process, but what if the resolution was more focused on feeling & looking great in your existing size & shape;  no need to change, just elevate.

One of the most rewarding moments I have heard from clients who take the leap with a stylist, is how confident they feel once they have a wardrobe that fits their personal body shape after they learn all the little styling details on how to elevate their day-to-day outfitting. When I say inclusive sizing, I am referring to clients working with Mabelle Style who range in sizes from size 00-24. They share the same result, feeling great in their own skin once the service is complete.

A main question from clients who are inquiring about hiring a stylist is … ‘Have you worked with a client that’s my size?’ This question frequently comes up regarding all different sizes especially  from women 12-14. To give you an idea,  sizes 10-14 were the most common sizes with Mabelle style clients this past year. Whatever your shape or size, there is always an opportunity to create your personal style & learn styling tips & tricks to elevate ones shape. Learn more here

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