Shop 2022 Spring Trends

July 12, 2024

If you have a minimal capsule style wardrobe or prefer classic clean looks, you still want to sprinkle in a trend or two each season. It is a great way to keep your wardrobe up to date and fresh.  I don’t suggest shopping every trend or a bunch of trendy pieces each season, only pieces that really suit your personal style and work with your current wardrobe. Not every trend is for everyone!

Why? First off, you want to be able to create interchangeable outfits and if your wardrobe is solely based on trendy items, it will become a challenge to create multi-functional looks. Secondly, when your wardrobe is very full, especially with lots of random pieces and you keep adding more items, you won’t be able to see what is actually in your wardrobe.  When this happens, people often wear only 20% of their wardrobe, the items they can see and are easy to wear.

With that, I am sharing some wearable trends for Spring 2022 that will be easy to work into your wardrobe this season. Check them out below!

Spring 2022


I often recommend classic neutrals dominate your wardrobe (easiest way to create multi-functional outfits!) But adding a bold pop of colour this Spring 2022 is a big trend.  Bright pinks/greens/blues are filling the stores. I suggest finding a colour that suits you best and works with outfits you have in your current wardrobe. I wouldn’t suggest shopping multiple bold colours and trendy styles as they just won’t get worn as often as you’d like.  With the colours being so bold, the styles can become more of a statement piece that won’t fall into your weekly outfit rotations.

Spring 2022


A lot of the time you think, I can’t wear trends, they aren’t practical for my lifestyle or wardrobe. But that’s just not true, sometimes it’s as simple as a new fit of denim for the season, often trends can be subtle changes to fits, which can be easily incorporated. I’m sharing a few of my favorite styles for this season that will keep your wardrobe fresh and up to date.

Oversize – This is not for everyone as you want to avoid clothes wearing you vs you wearing the clothes. Try a simple poplin blouse in an oversize fit, a looser jean, or an unstructured blazer. If you are shopping an item that says oversize in the description, size down at least one to two sizes. They will still fit big and have the oversize styling but not as exaggerated.

Denim Fits – The Skinny jean is not dead, there is a time and a place. BUT it’s definitely time to update your denim fits. Straight, Relaxed, boyfriend cuts to name a few worth trying. As much as some may dislike the unfinished look, small rips and unfinished hems are back!

90’s/Y2k – Not my favorite, but styles have been reappearing from those era’s. Tiny handbags, micro clothing & metallic, they are not the easiest styles to jump into. If I were to suggest one piece, it would be the mini skirt. It’s an easier piece to work into interchangeable outfits and great for summer!

Western – Adding a small detail like fringe to a handbag or hemline, fringe is a fun add to the wardrobe. I’ve shared a gorgeous Isabel Marant light weight jacket with fringe along the seam, below. Perfect for the transitional weather we are having. If you want to get a bit more wild, the western boot is a great new way to elevate the basic ankle boot. They can be paired with summer dresses & denim shorts.

Platfroms – Update your basic sneaker to the platform version, and bam! You’re officially trendy:) The shoe can actually be a platform version of any shoe style right now,  from a slip on sandal, loafer or high heel.