Shop with intention

What does it mean to shop with intention?

Go into the stores or begin your online search with a plan. Know your style, what you want/need and what styles fit you best before you start. You will end up making the best purchases for your wardrobe, you will LOVE how you feel in your outfits and you can stop making those impulse buys. Check out my tips below, if followed you will be shopping with intention before you know it!

Each season create a shopping list of the items you need to update/refresh your wardrobe.  If you’re unsure how to build this list, do a read through on trends that are happening for the season and go through your current wardrobe to see what you’d like to update.  When it’s time to shop, pull out your list and shop for only those items. You will be more focused, avoid making impulse or bad purchases.

Having a shopping budget for the season, with an idea of which items you’d like to spend more on (investments) and the pieces you know you can save on. You could do a budget per item or have a total budget for the season, which ever works best for you. When creating a budget think price per wear and quality over quantity.

Don’t buy it just because it’s on sale! Sale items are often impulse buys that don’t work with your wardrobe & often get worn the least. Not always but most of the time they can be an odd print, strange colour or weird fit.

Shopping duplicates, do you ever find an item you love so much you buy multiples? This works when your shopping basics, for example foundation t’s but not for your entire wardrobe. It’s hard to create a style when all the items in your wardrobe are the same, just different colours. I would avoid buying duplicates when you can, it’s not necessary to create a well rounded wardrobe.

LOVING an item, loving your wardrobe, this is my favorite when shopping with intention. Do you feel good and love your outfit when you put it on? Your answer should be YES, otherwise I would say the outfit or item isn’t for you. When you step out of the fitting room and look in the mirror how do you feel? Ask yourself that whenever your trying on clothes in your current wardrobe (shop your closet) or in the stores.