Styling for your next event

Wedding guest, in a wedding party, fundraiser, gala, milestone birthday, events have made a comeback and finding the perfect outfit has never been harder! Why? When you haven’t needed an outfit for a special gathering or big event for the past three years you’ll notice things have changed. Walking through the typical stores like Nordstroms or The Bay, they have very little options, buying less event & party pieces ever since the  pandemic.  Also, you may find your shape or size has changed over time and wonder what style or fit you should even be trying! These challenges are the reason I created a virtual event shopping package, you may think why virtual? With stores not having the options or styles they once had, I found online has an abundance of choices.  How does styling for an event work? It’s when Mabelle Style sources head to toe personalized outfits for you, ensuring the small details really matter. The perfect look for an event takes time but also finding the jewelry, shoe & hand bag to correlate with the outfit can be even harder.  With this custom package clients receive 3-4 head to toe outfits personalized for them to shop and the best part is receiving a visual of each look on a mood board, this shows how the entire look ties together. I love a good visual and more importantly I love a great outfit where the colour flows and the added accessories tie it all together, elevating your outfit. To give you an example of  some of the event outfits Mabelle Style has recently put together for clients, check out the mood boards below, click on the image to see what event they where created for. Be mindful that every client has a different, size, shape and coluring as well as the environment of the event are all considered before the client receives there event outfits to shop.

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