Style Tips For Business Casual

May 26, 2024

What does business casual mean to you?

After a  year & a half of working/stuck at home you’re now slowly coming out of the house and maybe even starting with a day or two back in the office or meeting clients face to face. This means the stretchy pants can be shelved (for at least a few days of the week.)  As this transition is happening a lot of workplaces have been adapting their dress codes to a more casual vibe,  insert <business casual>.  A few things may run through your mind during this time…. Do my work clothes still fit?  How do I dress for the office? Or an even deeper thought could be how does one interpret what business casual means in their work place?

I’m going to share a few style tips to help you navigate your way through getting business casual right.


The smallest details can change an entire outfit from unprofessional & schleppy to polished & approachable.  Take tucking for example, it’s a simple 2 second step when getting ready in the morning that transforms your look. It could be as simple as a little half tuck to a full tuck & belted. This small detail not only creates a waist it also cleans up your overall look. A few more…

*Ensure the fabrics on your clothes aren’t looking weathered or have pills.

*Denim doesn’t have rips or tears

*Shoes are polished and clean.

*Apparel is pressed with no wrinkles

*Add minimal accessories, like a simple necklace, earring or classic watch

*Make sure you know your businesses culture as it goes hand in hand with your business casual outfits


Blazers are classic,  great for layering over a casual outfit to create the perfect business casual look. Sneakers, jeans, graphic t’s, knits are all great options when you add a blazer on top. The trick is finding the perfect fitting blazer (or sports jacket.) It needs to have the right tailoring for your body type, shoulders fit correctly, it is tailored at the waist and the length is correct for your height.


Many colour options and multiple prints can create a challenge when trying to build outfits from with-in your wardrobe. To avoid this and create that approachable business casual vibe stick to neutrals & monochromatic styles. It makes it simpler to mix and match outfit combinations and also has a clean aesthetic. When styling neutrals try and stick with two or max 3 colour palettes to keep a neutral style. And if all else fails I like to say… when in doubt wear black.