Top & Bottom: Theory

Top & Bottom:

Talking about fall trends, makes sense now,  right? The rain finally came this week, it’s getting darker earlier which only means it’s time to bring out the sweaters, heavier jackets, and all the cozy warm pieces. But now you want to add a little spice to the basics, find some trends that’ll work with the season. An easy trend to pop into the wardrobe, an updated pant silhouette for fall is a great trend, because you can keep all the basic sweaters, and the long wool coats but tie them into an updated cut on the bottom. To avoid always going to a denim, yet you don’t want a formal ‘work’ dress pant, insert into the wardrobe the ‘wide leg’ pant. They are comfortable, loose, dressy or casual. They give a long, lean effect to your legs, and have a relaxed elegance for your fall fashion.

Photographer Christine Pienaar

Christine Pienaar