Ageism In Fashion

Mabelle Style is known for its inclusivity.  Styling services follow the motto: Age is just a number, size is just a number, personal stylists work with everyone.

I was recently visiting my 74 yr old Aunt, she has always been stylish. I’ve never forgotten the pair of black patent pointed oxfords she gave me when I was 12! I finally wore the same shoe size as her, a pair from her fancy shoe collection at that time meant everything to me.

During this recent visit she mentioned how rare it is to see stylish inspiration for seniors as she still loves fashion but everywhere she looks through ads & products, they appear to be geared towards a younger demographic. This surprised me at first because I often work with clients 65+.  Then, it occurred to me ….. my 65+ clients are pleasantly surprised at the stores where I prep their new outfits. It’s because societal expectations often dictate what is considered “age-appropriate” dressing. For instance, some people think that older individuals should dress conservatively or in a way that conforms to certain stereotypes regarding aging, rather than embracing new or trendy styles. Mabelle Style’s clients are never styled to stereotypes as my goal is to ensure that each one looks on trend, stylish with a wardrobe that correlates to their personal lifestyle, no matter the age. 

Ageism is happening in fashion. There is an exclusion of older individuals based on age, which is why I often hear from clients 65+ comment they would never have thought to go into the stores or try particular brands I have selected when we are on their personal shop. These stores carry products that are age appropriate, it’s just not advertised.

Mabelle Style’s client base has a broad range, many different factors but one common thread for 65+ clients is that they have been referrals from their adult kids who are current clients, they love their new wardrobes! Check out some images below from a shoot with a 70 year old, clothing is from stores such as Aritzia, H&M and Holts.  

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