Who Hiring A Stylist For 2022

New Year, New You, what are your goals going to be?

Hiring a Stylist  may seem boujee to some or a luxury service but it’s a more relatable service then one might think.

If you’re one of those people thinking 2022 might be your year to work with a Stylist, check out a few reasons why it might make sense for you to take the leap!  With 2021 being the busiest year to date, I’m sharing with you the most common reasons my clients reached out and move forward with a stylist (like I said more relatable then you think!)

The Covid 15 : After almost 2 years of wearing stretchy pants, working from home, clients were preparing to head back to the office at least a couple of times a week. The realization comes, we’ve gained the covid 10-15lbs and nothing quite fits the same, Insert stylist, were I was able to style these clients with a capsule wardrobe, having them feel comfortable and elevated in outfits that fit their current shape/size, ready for the office.

Business to Business Casual: Again with the shift of going back to the office, numerous business professionals shared with me that their companies, firms, offices etc had changed the dress code. What once was a formal office attire is now business casual. Insert stylist, ready to teach clients what business casual actually is and get them in perfect outfits for their updated dress code.

Sizing: The frustration of walking into the store thinking your a solid size M yet when you try M, each store, each style all fit different, not one size M fits one in the same. It can be very challenging with all the oversize fits, cropped tops and two tight stretchy pieces, sizing never makes sense.  Insert stylist, an expert in understanding brands and sizing. You may end up wrapping up a shop with sizes ranging from extra small to large, but that’s because I know how each brand fits and will get you in the proper sizes for your body type no matter what the brand or store may be.

Sales People: The discomfort of being up sold or pressured into buying items you know are not right for your lifestyle or comfort zone.  Insert stylist, the buffer between you the client and a sales person. My opinion and styling tips are to correlate with your lifestyle & fashion goals, nothing more. I prep outfits that are cohesive to what you’re looking for beforehand so when you come into shops you’re primarily working with me and the sales people take a step back.

Additionally, clients want outfits vs a bunch of random items in their wardrobe, a capsule wardrobe were clothing can be mixed and match as well as an expert giving them styling tips to elevate their overall look.

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