Style Tips For Spring

June 13, 2024

Having trends in your wardrobe or trying to be trendy isn’t always the answer to being stylish or fashionable.  I like to suggest that clients first focus on a well rounded wardrobe that doesn’t evolve around trends, basics & investment pieces are much more important.  That being said, regardless of how minimal your wardrobe may be, having elements from current trends is important to add in a foundation or capsule wardrobe to keep your style fresh & updated. Keep in mind some trends stick around for awhile and can often be considered investment pieces, but I wouldn’t suggest packing your closet every season with all the current trends. Remember not every trend is for everyone!

Check out some of my favorite style trends for Spring 2021 below.

Updated Trench Coat

The classic trench coat is getting a do-over this season with new details to elevate the style. Keep an eye out for bold shoulders, cinched waists and over-sized cuts giving lots of movement to a traditionally structured spring coat.

Strong Shoulder & Puff Sleeve

By no means am I saying the 80’s shoulder pad is back! But a strong shoulder is for both casual or dressed-up. You will find sweatshirts with puffed sleeves and cotton t’s with mini shoulder pads, these little details can transform a basic look to a bold vibe.

The Sweater Vest

Give a little prep in your step by adding a sweater vest to your spring wardrobe. I would stick to a neutral colour as it’s easier to layer.  Keep an eye out for some fun textures like a cable knit to give some dimension to the overall style.  There is lots of options in the stores with cropped and fitted to oversize, a versatile item to add.

Big Floral Prints

Not a big surprise here, floral is an evolving trend every Spring.  This year the focus is on a bold floral print, this would be a style or item I’d suggest purchasing only one or two items. You don’t need to fill your wardrobe up with floral’s but it’s a great add-on to kick your style up a notch for the Spring season.

Oversized Pants

Over-sized fits have been a trend for awhile now, it’s not a fit for everybody. A lot of the time it can take away from your shape and can end up looking like your wearing your big brothers clothes. There is a way it can be done right, by starting out with an over-sized pant or jean.  The best part about this style is that it’s super comfy! When styling this look go for a fitted top and try to have a belt at the waist.