Style & Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury fashion & style has been around forever, it was a style that emulated old money, minimalist outfitting with luxurious fabrics. Recently there is an uptick in quiet luxury, it’s being talked about all over the media.  If you hadn’t heard of quiet luxury in the past I’m sure you’ve heard about it recently with all the talk of Gwyenth Paltrow’s courtroom outfits she wore to her recent trial.  She has always dressed in this style, but the media spread really caught wind of what she was wearing by sharing the brands & price points of each outfit. They were all high ticket, luxurious fabrics and designer labels. Sophisticated, timeless and understated.  The idea behind those looks & what the definition of quiet luxury is ‘if you know you know’, no need for logos. 

Were you someone who oohed and awed at Gwyneth’s courtroom style? Or, are you loving the style in Succession right now? But, thinking how on earth can I achieve this quiet luxury look within a budget. Well, my personal style has always been about looking polished, paying attention to fabrics & fits and shopping for designer brands that have simple designs. I like to have longevity with the pieces I spend most on while still  maintaining a minimalist style within budget.  What are the tips and tricks  to achieve this? You should know what to invest in and where you can save. Saving is with the fabrics. There are so many low ticket cashmere options that look and feel great. Super soft, cottons & wool are great to consider with sweaters, tops, bottoms and denim.  Investing in accessories, a luxe leather handbag, a designer belt or shoes are a great way to start into a quite luxury look. Search out where you can get classic jewelry that doesn’t break the bank (try vintage pieces in your moms jewelry box to start).

The number one tip is to avoid logos. When you do get something with a logo it needs to be very minimalist and classic (think Chanel or Celine)

Quiet luxury = clothes that whisper. Want to learn more about achieving this style book a consult with a stylist HERE