Style Consultant | Success With Online Shopping

Normally, the month of April would be the beginning of the peak season for personal shopping.  Stylists tend to be quite busy between April – June as clients begin to sport some light weight Spring / Summer wardrobes.  Because things have shifted and times have changed recently, with our favorite stores all being closed the past few weeks, this has drastically altered how I (and many others) have adapted to work. A few of my clients have chosen not to wait for the stores to reopen and are using Mabelle Style’s Online Personal Shopping Package, I thought I’d share the breakdown and give you more insight regarding it’s 4 simple steps if your currently interested in working with a fashion stylist.

Step 1 – Client & Stylist discuss and create a personal shopping list for the season.

Step 2 -Stylist Proceeds to create a mood (pin) board to give the client a visual of the overall styles they will be working with.

Step 3 – Once the shopping list & mood board have been approved, the stylist will then gather together an email identifying each category from your shopping list. Under each category will be links to shop – depending on the time frame of your package you can receive anywhere from 5-25 items per category. Once the client has their shopping links, they can begin to shop from the comfort of their home.

Step 4 – When items start rolling in, don’t worry, your stylist won’t go anywhere. You may schedule a follow-up to review fits, colours or any additional questions you may have regarding  your new purchases.