Walking into 2020 wanting to create a new you? Well, January 1st is coming, the day everyone begins new year resolutions and new goals. Most commonly we hear the ‘I’m going to lose weight with my new gym membership’ this year.


I have a few (maybe new?) Ideas that don’t have to solely rely on weight loss to create change in your body! How about make a New Year’s goal to look and feel more confident in a proper fitting wardrobe for your current size! One of my favorite parts about being a personal stylist is teaching my clients about the fits, brands and little style tips that enhance the best parts of their body.



Taking on a goal like this for 2020 can start with a wardrobe consult to declutter your current wardrobe and only keep what fits! And/Or do a personal shopping day and get the added pieces or a total overhaul of a fresh new wardrobe that fits! #newyou for 2020!!