My Curated Seasonal Personal Shopping List

June 13, 2024

I recently did a poll on Instagram for what followers would like to see more of and I received an overwhelming response to  share my curated personal shopping list for this Fall.

Firstly, why do I make seasonal personal shopping lists for myself and Mabelle Style clients? It’s a great way to avoid impulse buys and bad purchases as well as keeps you from buying more then actually need.

When you get to a place where you have a wardrobe filled with items you not only love but you actually wear,  you can then follow a curated shopping list each season to shop for items that work with your current wardrobe. You may have a few staples / basics that need replacing (like my boring black puffer coat you’ll see below) and you will likely want to add a couple of trendy items to keep the wardrobe refreshed each season.  I also use a unit amount as a guideline so I don’t overbuy a specific category.

I personally prefer less is more in my wardrobe and I like to invest on better quality items, but it did take me awhile to get my wardrobe to that ideal place.  Once I completed my wardrobe edit last week and pulled some items to consign, I began my list. No clients shopping list is one and the same. For example my list (below) will look very small compared to others as I don’t need a lot. It’s very specific to what I need and/or want to add. The longer I’ve followed this process (14 yrs!) the smaller my list has gotten, as I had built a foundation wardrobe years back.

What you won’t find on my list below is denim (I purchased 3 updated trendy styles in Spring), work tops that are a bit dressier since I often wear knits under blazers, it just didn’t make sense for me to buy more of a category that I don’t wear.

Do you need help formatting a curated shopping list for the season? Or is the bigger challenge finding the items from your list in the stores? Let us know! Connect HERE if you want your very own personal stylists to help with your style goals.

3 Outerwear

Shacket, Basic Puffer & Camel Blazer

3 Sweaters

Cozy & Colourful

2 Pants

Dress Jogger & Wide Leg Trouser

3 Tops

Casual Knits


Jewelry & Belt


Beige Booties & Fun Sneaker