Photographer: Christine Pienaar

Photographer: Christine Pienaar

Recently, it came upon me just how much I appreciate… and am thankful for… the continued growth I experienced during 2015, especially from new clients. I realized that one of the most successful growth patterns for my brand was the increase of spouses jumping on board with their own personal shopper.

This aspect of my business began when one of my clients had been searching online for a personal shopper to enhance their wardrobe and style. Following one – two shops together working full throttle, I then heard from their spouse saying …. “Humm, this is looking pretty good, maybe this is something I would like to try.” And once again, together we solved another dilemma.

After a substantial number of years living together, several spouses morph into each others style and looks. What happens, I believe, is that once one has elevated their style, looking chic and fashionable, it would only be natural for their spouse to want to experience some of the same.

This post shows a snap of my husband and I and our personal style, which is casual with a bit of edge, for day to day. We co-ordinate in some sense without trying.

Once again, I am sincerely grateful for the continued growth of Mabelle Style that I have had this year and look forward to helping others experience having a personal stylist in 2016.