Photographer: Christine Pienaar

Mabelle Style blog is a collection of candid shots styling my clients on location and describing behind-the-scene stories regarding each ‘shop day’ or ‘wardrobe consult’. I also include a selection of my own personal style photos. The idea behind this began when I had received numerous emails from potential clients asking me, ‘What is your style? Clients come to me because of my personal style, which is sometimes transferred over to my female clients. My goal is to keep each client’s style their own, an individual look so they maintain a sense being unique and having their own personal flare!  A couple of key take-aways is noted in this outfit post that I love to include in my style –

  1. I love camouflage! A print that I sometimes have to stop myself from buying – as I think to myself, how much camo does one need, I  can’t wear it all together!
  2. I’m obsessed with shirts – and a great buy when one is on sale! I have 4-5 different prints, I can’t get enough of the LA brand’s soft cotton and loose fit.
  3. I love to mix high and low cost items – this black satin dress was $7 from A fashion lover must remember that it’s not always about the ‘brand’, but more about creating the look that is on point style wise and comfortable.
  4. Shoes are an area I always spend my most $$ – I look at a great pair of shoes as an investment piece. These Valentino booties were purchased over 5 years ago and still look remarkably in fashion.