Fall 2023 Shoe Trends

Being a fashionista, I’ve never forgotten my first big purchase. It was back in the early 90s when I purchased a pair of red patent Dr Martens. I put them on layaway at a local boutique store in Victoria.  Each weekend I would work at my mom’s design studio and make $25, which would then go straight to the boutique to keep my dream shoes set aside. It took 5 weeks before I went home with my $135 Dr Martens, a pretty big purchase for being in grade 7!

That was the beginning of an ongoing shoe addiction. I always say one of the easiest ways to keep your wardrobe fresh and up to date is to ensure you have an updated style of shoe each season.

Here we are 30 years later and I just purchased my second ‘ever’ pair of red shoes, my first pair of Chanel’s. When I first saw them they immediately reminded me of where it all started (the red shoe!)  This season there are so many great styles that can be incorporated into your wardrobe, and remember not every trend is for everyone, so thankfully with so many choices there is bound to be one for you!  To make it easier, before you hit the stores scroll down and check out the must-have styles and see what could be added to your personal style, to keep your looks up to date.


Ballet Flats & Mary Janes

Early 2000’s was all about the ballet flats, remember everyone was wearing the Tory Burch Reva’s? That style has come full circle and is now trending again. If the ballet flat isn’t your look, try the Mary Jane, it’s a great alternative where you still get the comfort of a flat. These style of shoes are a great addition to a capsule wardrobe.


Another blast from the past, anyone remember putting the actual penny in the penny loafer? Loafers are back but not just the penny loafer, there is few different styles to choose from. Chunky lug soles or slim soles, some even have hardware across the top, where at one time we had the penny!

Kitten Heels & Sling Backs

Even though the kitten heel sling back is trending right now, with lots of styles arriving in stores thru out this winter. It can also be a great addition for the upcoming Spring season! If you’re more interested in boots right now as the weather gets chilly, keep this style in mind as it will be a perfect addition to your Spring wardrobe.

Tall Boots

Struggling to move on from the skinny jeans? This season’s boot trend is the perfect way to keep your skinnies in rotation for Fall. The tall boot trend is also a great look with both short & midi length skirts & dresses.


Sneakers aren’t necessarily a trend this season, they have become more of a staple shoe that can be styled with both dressier or casual outfits. Each season there are a few specific updated styles of sneakers that become a must have. Keeping your sneakers refreshed every couple of seasons is a great way to take a basic outfit and keep it looking cool.