Sneaker Style Tips

The cool sneaker is no longer just for lounge wear and comfies. Sneaker style has really evolved and taken over any high heel purchases we once made.  Styling the comfortable shoe into a cool street style vibe, business casual or even with an elevated dress or suit is happening…even in the workplace!

You may be thinking, I like the idea of a sneaker style but how do I incorporate that look into my personal wardrobe and get it right?

A few tips, find yourself a brand & style that you love and make sure the style falls within your budget. I say budget because cool sneakers are ranging from the basic converse at $70 all the way up to designer, starting at $700!  There is a big range in price points for these looks, which is great because everyone has the opportunity to create sneaker style outfits without breaking the budget.

For my personal style, I just can’t do the chunky sneaker, sometimes called the ‘dad’ sneaker. I prefer a street style look, effortless like I’m not trying to hard but still speak fashion. I also don’t love a lot of branding on the shoes, which designers often do, keep it simple. I’ve shard some links to my favorite brands in a range of budgets below and Style inspiration to get you started (from pinterest)

Converse (low & high tops as well as the platform sole)

Vans (basic old skool style, or fun prints & platform sole options)


Common Projects

Golden Goose