Fashion Stylist | The most Requested Look For Male Clients

July 12, 2024

A good number of Mabelle Style’s clients have a professional or business background. In regards to our male clients, I find they often work in a job that requires minimal time wearing suits, but they still are required to maintain a professional look. Insert the sports jacket. This has been a go-to look for a large percentage of my clients due to the fact that they are able to wear it to work as well as make it cool for evenings out. When I styled this photo shoot I was excited to share some pictures of this look, so often requested.

Style tip

Make sure you find a sports coat that fits! Meaning, have some shape at the waistline and the fabric should have some give to avoid feeling constricted when you do activities or when driving.
Dress up the sports jacket by adding a dress shoe or give a cool casual vibe by investing in a sneaker, such as this pair of Goodman sneakers.