Create A Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe may seem boring, but here is thing; no matter what your personal style is, if you don’t have some sort of capsule with in your wardrobe you will have trouble creating full outfits. If you’re someone who is constantly saying ‘I have nothing to wear’,  then I’d suggest it’s time to create a capsule wardrobe. Once you have the foundation, then your pieces are simply easy to create interchangeable outfits and you are able to add more of your personal style into the mix.

How would I define a capsule wardrobe? Less is more. Quality over quantity. A versatile, interchangeable wardrobe. Also, price per wear is an important point to mention. You will wear everything in your capsule because it’s easier to interchange. Spending on quality will now make more sense.

Wondering how to create a Capsule Wardrobe?  The first step is to clean out your current wardrobe. Get rid of the items you don’t love, don’t fit and don’t wear anymore. You will create more space and recognize what currently works. Prepare a shopping list for the missing pieces. There is no specific number of items for a capsule wardrobe, the goal would be to start with a two week rotation of outfits and build on that each season.

What should be on your shopping list? Everybody’s personal wardrobe is going to look different, but to give you a general idea of where to start: 1  seasonal coat, 3  layering t’s, 1 bodysuit, 1 blazer, 3 dressier tops, 3 – 5  casual tops, 1 trouser, 1 casual pant, 2 denim, 1 dress, 3 styles of footwear, 1 belt, classic accessories, 1 handbag.  This is a general guideline. The main point to take away here is to shop with intention. Buy items you love and wear all the time. Avoid impulse buys and bad purchases, which lead you in the direction…. to a closet full of unworn items and no outfits.