Stylist Services | How To Stay Safe & Stylin’

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Stylist Services | How To Stay Safe & Stylin’

September 13, 2019

The number 1 focus Mabelle Style had during this past Spring / Summer season was to ensure that clients stayed safe during these unsettling times, this continues to be an important factor as we head into the busiest season, Fall! Scheduling regular services has been in affect with masks/social distancing (Click Here to learn more) as well as we have evolved by adding new services to ensure our clients will have the best options with-out having to sacrifice their style during unprecedented times.


  • Zoom Calls with a stylist. This service can range from personal styling consults to support and feedback with the online styling service. (Click Here to learn more)
  • Online shopping service has been VERY popular this year. This is a service we have always had but as it’s become a more desired choice recently, we continue to review and work through making it the most seamless way to shop with a fashion stylist during these times. (Click Here to read an updated breakdown on how this service works)
  • Option of  using the personal shopping services but avoiding the shops. The prep & shopping list is created by Mabelle Style; all items will
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Why Fashion Stylists Love A Good Blazer

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Why Fashion Stylists Love A Good Blazer

If you’re following fashion stylist’s, personal shoppers or an influencer you will notice they tend to have blazers on rotation for an outfit post, photo shoot or even their daily street style. You may ask yourself, why is a blazer so common with style guru’s? You may  be thinking it can be to formal or for a work event and not just not your personal style. BUT that is not the case – we as stylists love a great blazer for every style you can imagine!

What can a blazer do for your wardrobe & style? (And why we love to incorporate them into your wardrobe!)

  • A perfect fit blazer can create a waist for your shape.
  • If you’re wearing some old jeans & a t-shirt pop on a blazer and you’ve styled up your outfit.
  • Create a full suit with matching pants (add sneakers to dress down the overall look)
  • Want to create multiple outfits with the less is more philosophy? A classic blazer can create many looks by layering with everything in your wardrobe.
  • Don’t have a blazer? Start with finding a blazer that fits just right, go for black as your first choice, this colour will mix & match with everything.
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Fashion Stylist | Dress For Your Body Shape

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Fashion Stylist | Dress For Your Body Type

September 13, 2019

One of the most common challenges I hear from potential clients looking to hire a fashion stylist, “I can’t find anything that fits my body type.” Insert the expert stylist, we specialize in knowing brands that work for a range of different body types and most importantly we know styling tricks to ensure your consistently featuring the most flattering areas of your body.

The first step to understanding your style is by knowing what your body shape is.

Once you have discovered what your body shape is,  you’re now one step ahead, making it easier to put outfits together.  I’ve shared a few generalized style tips below that could help.

*Balance fit, colour & prints of your outfit to work with your personal shape. This can create a visual, symmetrical overall look.

*Find outfits that downplay the area’s of your body type you feel uncomfortable about or know might not be as flattering.

*Find ways to enhance the areas you’re most confident about. Ex: Legs, wear cropped pants, skirts & dresses.

*Something as small as an accessory can really enhance certain body shapes, for example belts can create the look of a waist or enhance your waist

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Fashion Stylist | 1 Dress Makes How Many Outfits??

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Fashion Stylist | One Dress Makes How Many Outfits?

September 13, 2019

Ready for a capsule wardrobe?  Meaning, you’re wanting outfits vs having a bunch of random items with-in your wardrobe. A style tip that will get you one step closer to that capsule wardrobe, take a minimalist approach (less is more.) You can have something as simple as the ever so popular slip dress and create multiple looks for that one item, with numerous pieces currently sitting in your wardrobe (hoodie? t-shirt? Blazer?) to name a few….

Check out my latest YouTube below, I’ve taken a black satin slip dress and created multiple outfit ideas for you to try!

Click here to shop my Black Slip Dress from the video! BACK TO BLOG LIBRARY

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Fashion Consultant | My Spring Personal Shopping List

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Fashion Consultant | My Spring Personal Shopping List

September 13, 2019

Each season I create a shopping list for myself with what I need (and a couple of wants) to add to my wardrobe. A similar shopping list is created for all Mabelle Style clients. The reason a shopping list is so important is to support clients from making bad purchases, buying items you do not need and help avoid impulse shopping. Check out my personal shopping list for this Spring / Summer season as well as some inspo below! Be mindful that every client’s shopping list can look different based on their personal style and needs. I usually focus on a refresh of basics and a couple of very seasonal/trendy pieces to kick up my overall neutral wardrobe. This season I didn’t add any accessories such as jewelry, hats, handbags as I felt I currently have a good assortment. BACK TO BLOG LIBRARY

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Fashion Stylist | BASICS

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Fashion Stylist – BASICS

September 13, 2019

BASICS – If you are challenged by building outfits and can’t find anything to wear in a full wardrobe, you’re probably missing the basics! I can’t stress enough how important it is to have quality basics within your wardrobe.

As a personal stylist I schedule to meet clients twice a year. (Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter) The first shop, regardless of the season is almost always focused on building basics into their wardrobe. Why? If you’re trying to create a capsule wardrobe or put together outfits and you don’t have that perfect T to layer, a great fitting jean, a classic blazer for day-to-night, then you probably will be unable to pair any of your non-basics pieces with. This happens because of impulse buys or discount and sale items, clothing that you may think you love but never know how to wear it. Check out my must-have basics for your wardrobe below…. for both the men and the ladies!

Style tip 1

I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity, especially for basics. These are items that you will be wearing most often! You don’t need to break-the-bank account, just be mindful to invest a bit more in quality to ensure they last. Think ‘price-per-wear’

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Fashion Stylist | Capsule Wardrobe

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What does it mean to have a capsule collection for your wardrobe? As we become more progressive with the way we shop, focusing on sustainability, needs vs wants & ‘Maria Kondoing’ are closets. I hear a common question that ties back to these changes with fashion & style. ‘I want a capsule collection’ with-in my wardrobe. I think that could mean many different things for different people depending on what their personal goals are. I want to share 3 style tips on what a capsule collection means to me as a fashion stylist and how I tie it back to my clients wardrobes.


Tip 1: Minimalist, owning fewer pieces in your wardrobe. Quality over quantity and most importantly you need the basics. Once you’ve got those you can then layer a few needs/wants each season to keep your wardrobe fresh & updated but still staying with-in the minimalist boundaries. You want to be able to see and love what’s in your closet. A future post will be solely talking ‘the basics’ as that is a huge component to having a manageable wardrobe.


Tip 2: Multi-functional outfits, paring down your wardrobe and creating outfits vs random items can streamline your closet. I’ve had clients that have asked for a two week rotation of outfits for work, which

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Personal Shopper | Staying Cozy In Sweater Dresses

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Whether shopping in stores or shopping online I’ve noticed a consistent trend from multiple brands, the sweater dress. It has been styled as either a two piece (like the one I’m wearing in this post) or a one piece item. What I love about this particular look is that it keeps us cozy during the winter days with some high boots and a puffer coat or you could also carry it forward to those transitional months (March & April) where it isn’t quite warm enough for spring / summer fashions.


Style Tip: replace the boots with a cute sneaker; replace your winter coat with a leather jacket; and now you have a few more months to wear this winter look!



Check out some of my favorite sweater dresses of the season!


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Fashion Stylist | Personal Style For New Year’s Eve

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With New Years coming upon us, only two weeks away, we tend to get in a frenzie trying to find the perfect New Years party outfit. If you’re having this struggle, try a personal stylist to find you that perfect look!


My personal style has always been clean, minimalistic with a pop of colour, glitz or trend, nothing over the top! I relegated some pieces from the wardrobe and mix-matched with some newness to create a couple of New Years outfits. See these style tips below that I’ve used to create my own New Years look.


The first outfit is a new black one piece romper from Club Monaco with an open back. The fabric has some great movement to create a fancier vibe. I found in the closet a light flowy black over piece (because I’m always cold!) and a spectacular vintage clutch from an aunt that dates back many years. As well, a pair of nude pumps (a must in every ladies wardrobe) that is the exact colour of my skin.


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Personal Shopper Shares Gift Ideas For The Ladies

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Do you get overwhelmed when you head into the stores to look for holiday gifts? Since I spend the majority of my time in the malls and shopping for the latest fashion styles I thought I should share some of the most common items loved by my clients (falling under a reasonable price point.) Click the images to shop away!

This first option, created in partnership with Jillian Harris continues to be a favorite with women, The Melanie Auld (local designer) Adorned Necklace. You can choose any letter in either sterling silver, gold vermeil, 14k gold and add on pave diamonds!

The second gift giving option is the perfect black jean. Who doesn’t love a jean that feels like a legging, but is actually a jean! This Citizen of Humanity Style Rocket comes in mid rise or high rise and you want the colour plush black. They can be found at Nordstroms, The Bay or Aritzia. The ‘plush’ is what makes them so soft with lots of stretch!

The third option, cashmere at the right price! I find cashmere can be overpriced at times, I finally found a perfect fit

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