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Personal Shopper – Sustainable & Eco Friendly Fashion


Mabelle Style uses reusable bags for your personal shopping day

Sustainable fashion is happening now and growing in popularity quite quickly! This change is occuring with both choice of textiles by designers (using a less environmentally harmful option) and having durable fabrics to last longer. Think reduce, reuse and recycle!  Here are some tips Mabelle Style does to be apart of the eco friendly fashion shift.

  • Donate & consign whenever doing a closet clean-out.  If you have good condition brands stores like Mine & Yours or Turn About are great for consignment, Varage or Craigslist if you want to sell directly and any local charity. Donations can happen at any local charity in your area and if you have work wear for women check out Dress For Success
  • Fast fashion vs slow fashion. Fast fashion won’t come with the quality but very trendy we recommend quality (slow fashion) over quantity (fast fashion)  and sprinkle in a few of those trendy pieces that you don’t want to spend a lot but will wear through out a season. Be sure to try and donate or repurpose the fabric once your done with fast fashion pieces as the fabrics are not great for the landfill!
  • Reusable shopping bags! When we do a personal shop we end up with some many shopping bags!  To change this we have been using Mabelle Style reusable bags for a couple of years now! And we always condense as we shop to avoid taking bags from every store. Also, say no to tissue! Unless you have purchased a delicate fabric or dark denim jeans that could run.

Some of Mabelle Styles favorite sustainable brands …