Fall Fashion | What to shop for this season

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Fall Fashion | What to shop for this season

September 13, 2019

As we head into my favorite time of year, Fall …  our daily routine has changed and fashion is definitely different.  You may be working from home now, became more budget conscious or have increased your online shopping. (Click Here for Online Styling info) Whatever the shift may be,  you still want to add a few new fall pieces into your wardrobe. I’m here to make that purchase easier, sharing images, trends & classics that will work for the season, keeping in mind these styles will be consistent with my philosophy of having a capsule wardrobe.

“simplicity is the key note of all true elegance”  Coco Chanel 

Mabelle Style Fall Picks

See Images Below 

  • Faux Leather pant or skirt (not as practical for now but so darn cool)
  • Plaid Flannel shirt (since we aren’t going out as much this a great weekend coffee date or work from home style)
  • Cozy Sweaters (camel, rust or mustard colours)
  • Camel Coat
  • Soft Knits
  • Sweat Shirt Dress (very versatile item, a personal fave)
  • Cool Sneaker

Need help creating looks or styling these items? Connect with a Stylist Here

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Stylist Services | How To Stay Safe & Stylin’

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Stylist Services | How To Stay Safe & Stylin’

September 13, 2019

The number 1 focus Mabelle Style had during this past Spring / Summer season was to ensure that clients stayed safe during these unsettling times, this continues to be an important factor as we head into the busiest season, Fall! Scheduling regular services has been in affect with masks/social distancing (Click Here to learn more) as well as we have evolved by adding new services to ensure our clients will have the best options with-out having to sacrifice their style during unprecedented times.


  • Zoom Calls with a stylist. This service can range from personal styling consults to support and feedback with the online styling service. (Click Here to learn more)
  • Online shopping service has been VERY popular this year. This is a service we have always had but as it’s become a more desired choice recently, we continue to review and work through making it the most seamless way to shop with a fashion stylist during these times. (Click Here to read an updated breakdown on how this service works)
  • Option of  using the personal shopping services but avoiding the shops. The prep & shopping list is created by Mabelle Style; all items will
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Why Fashion Stylists Love A Good Blazer

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Why Fashion Stylists Love A Good Blazer

If you’re following fashion stylist’s, personal shoppers or an influencer you will notice they tend to have blazers on rotation for an outfit post, photo shoot or even their daily street style. You may ask yourself, why is a blazer so common with style guru’s? You may  be thinking it can be to formal or for a work event and not just not your personal style. BUT that is not the case – we as stylists love a great blazer for every style you can imagine!

What can a blazer do for your wardrobe & style? (And why we love to incorporate them into your wardrobe!)

  • A perfect fit blazer can create a waist for your shape.
  • If you’re wearing some old jeans & a t-shirt pop on a blazer and you’ve styled up your outfit.
  • Create a full suit with matching pants (add sneakers to dress down the overall look)
  • Want to create multiple outfits with the less is more philosophy? A classic blazer can create many looks by layering with everything in your wardrobe.
  • Don’t have a blazer? Start with finding a blazer that fits just right, go for black as your first choice, this colour will mix & match with everything.
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Fashion Stylist | Dress For Your Body Shape

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Fashion Stylist | Dress For Your Body Type

September 13, 2019

One of the most common challenges I hear from potential clients looking to hire a fashion stylist, “I can’t find anything that fits my body type.” Insert the expert stylist, we specialize in knowing brands that work for a range of different body types and most importantly we know styling tricks to ensure your consistently featuring the most flattering areas of your body.

The first step to understanding your style is by knowing what your body shape is.

Once you have discovered what your body shape is,  you’re now one step ahead, making it easier to put outfits together.  I’ve shared a few generalized style tips below that could help.

*Balance fit, colour & prints of your outfit to work with your personal shape. This can create a visual, symmetrical overall look.

*Find outfits that downplay the area’s of your body type you feel uncomfortable about or know might not be as flattering.

*Find ways to enhance the areas you’re most confident about. Ex: Legs, wear cropped pants, skirts & dresses.

*Something as small as an accessory can really enhance certain body shapes, for example belts can create the look of a waist or enhance your waist

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Fashion Stylist | 1 Dress Makes How Many Outfits??

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Fashion Stylist | One Dress Makes How Many Outfits?

September 13, 2019

Ready for a capsule wardrobe?  Meaning, you’re wanting outfits vs having a bunch of random items with-in your wardrobe. A style tip that will get you one step closer to that capsule wardrobe, take a minimalist approach (less is more.) You can have something as simple as the ever so popular slip dress and create multiple looks for that one item, with numerous pieces currently sitting in your wardrobe (hoodie? t-shirt? Blazer?) to name a few….

Check out my latest YouTube below, I’ve taken a black satin slip dress and created multiple outfit ideas for you to try!

Click here to shop my Black Slip Dress from the video! BACK TO BLOG LIBRARY

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Stylist | Elevate Your Next Photo Shoot

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Stylist | Elevate Your Next Photo Shoot

September 13, 2019

Over the last couple of years, there has been a surge of work for photographers, with clients needing photos for website & business branding, LinkedIn updates, family shoots, social media and lastly, head shots for the always demanding local film industry.

For me, as a stylist, one of the most interesting parts about my job is seeing the elevation happen with clients. Taking their look & how they feel to the next level. When working on photo shoots, it happens in a instant. By putting clients into a new wardrobe that quickly has them feeling confident and looking fabulous really translates in their photos. Having the correct colour, fit and styling details may seem minor to some but I can confidently say will elevate the clients photos to the next level. I’ve shared some examples below to give you an idea, all recent work with local photographers.


LinkedIn Head shot


Business Branding & Website

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Fashion Stylist | The Most Requested Look For Male Client’s

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Fashion Stylist | The most Requested Look For Male Clients

September 13, 2019

A good number of Mabelle Style’s clients have a professional or business background. In regards to our male clients, I find they often work in a job that requires minimal time wearing suits, but they still are required to maintain a professional look. Insert the sports jacket. This has been a go-to look for a large percentage of my clients due to the fact that they are able to wear it to work as well as make it cool for evenings out. When I styled this photo shoot I was excited to share some pictures of this look, so often requested.

Style tip

Make sure you find a sports coat that fits! Meaning, have some shape at the waistline and the fabric should have some give to avoid feeling constricted when you do activities or when driving.
Dress up the sports jacket by adding a dress shoe or give a cool casual vibe by investing in a sneaker, such as this pair of Goodman sneakers.


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Fashion Consultant | My Spring Personal Shopping List

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Fashion Consultant | My Spring Personal Shopping List

September 13, 2019

Each season I create a shopping list for myself with what I need (and a couple of wants) to add to my wardrobe. A similar shopping list is created for all Mabelle Style clients. The reason a shopping list is so important is to support clients from making bad purchases, buying items you do not need and help avoid impulse shopping. Check out my personal shopping list for this Spring / Summer season as well as some inspo below! Be mindful that every client’s shopping list can look different based on their personal style and needs. I usually focus on a refresh of basics and a couple of very seasonal/trendy pieces to kick up my overall neutral wardrobe. This season I didn’t add any accessories such as jewelry, hats, handbags as I felt I currently have a good assortment. BACK TO BLOG LIBRARY

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Personal Stylist | Shop Spring Must-haves From Aritzia

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Personal Stylist – Shop Spring Must-Haves From Aritzia

September 13, 2019

When it’s time to pull styles for clients, choosing from many different labels, I often select Aritzia, a brand favorite. They fall into a mid-range price point. Aritzia carries products for every age, as well as having items for every walk of life (gym-wear to business-wear.) If you find yourself searching online right now, and are wondering what you should be shopping for as the seasons change, then take note that it’s time to get back to wearing some cute spring looks! I’ve put together the top trends & must-haves of the season, all coming from the Vancouver based brand Aritzia! (They currently have free shipping on all orders).







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Personal Stylist | Avoid Impulse Buys!

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Personal Stylist – Avoid Impulse Buys!

September 13, 2019

Impulse purchases will be one of the main reasons you struggle with piecing together outfits with-in your wardrobe. These items take up closet space and usually don’t add value to creating a full look. If you tend to have a lot of items but not actual outfits than it’s more than likely you shop on impulse.

What is an impulse buy? An item you bought because the price was right, something you purchased due to it being very on trend in that moment or pressure from friends to make a purchase because they loved the item.

How can you avoid impulse buys and start buying pieces that will benefit your wardrobe, create outfits and maybe even lead to multi-functional capsule wardrobe.

Style tip

Never go shopping without a plan! Plan ahead by creating a personal shopping list. This is the first step a personal stylist will do before shopping with each individual client. We create a seasonal list with the client that is cohesive to the needs of their wardrobe. What is missing in the closet that will help build outfits? Those items get added. Next step, what are a couple of items we can add to

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