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Stylist – Creating Distinctive Headshots


Several people in Vancouver work in the film industry throughout the area. Each one has the personal task to separate themselves from the crowd,  to stand out. One of the first things that production’s look at before auditions is a file of headshots. The majority of photos show waist-up in the similar attire, which is usually a 1 button shirt,  t-shirt or knit top in solid neutral colours. This is a standard look but if your ready for a change in image, create an original distinctive look than it’s time to partner with a stylist for your next shots!

I recently worked with headshot photographer Rio Tio to style three separate looks ..  going away from a simple clean cut look to a more edgy style with wrinkles in a shirt, a worn leather jacket and even unfinished edges in the green jacket.

Stylist – Vancouver Club Portrait Series

For those of you who have been to the historic Vancouver Club, you know the Club is filled with memorabilia, dating back to 1889.

Mabelle Style had the opportunity of styling a photo shoot that took over the heritage Club, partnered with stylist Emily Gray. We had plenty of ideas on how to bring life and drama to its beautiful architecture. We styled a three shot series for photographer Mark Whitehead starting with the Georgian Room, one of my favorite wedding venues in the city.


The second shot styled for the series took place in the Captains Bar. Heritage personalized liquor lockers constructed from olde dark wood and  low ceilings enhanced with detailed thick crown moulding boasted a dramatic lounge.


The final shot of the evening took place in the billiards room where I had a vision of the leading lady taking a shot in a red power suit (this was before I even saw the room!)  Ladies you can’t go wrong with a bold suit; it doesn’t matter if it’s in the workplace or for a casual game of pool!


Thank you to all whom made this photo shoot come together ~

Vancouver Club, Mark Whitehead <photographer>, Emily Gray <stylist>, Steve Pinter <retouchter>, Cat Langdon & Becca Randle <makeup & hair>, Thiago Tarcitano <lighting>, Lisa Chandler, Mike Veal, Ror Tio, Owen Caddell, Dani Lerose, Shawn Yip, <models>