Personal Shopper – Wrap 2016 Up With A Bow


mabelle-6‘Bows’ were a top trend in 2016 fall fashions. Most designers showed them as an option in their collections this fall, in a cream silk blouse with a loose bow around the neck. Personally, I didn’t add the bow trend to my wardrobe until I came across this New Years JCrew dress, a few weeks back.

For New Year’s, I prefer dresses that are not overdone or accented with overt-the-top detailing. The dress option (below) comes in a flowy skirt, fitted waist and minimal detail with a perfect loose bow. I added a chic robe-coat to keep me fashionably warm.




Personal Shopper – Winter Wonderland Fashion Post


With the most recent unusual Vancouver snowy weather it seemed to be a bit of a challenge as to where I was going to do some outfit pictures with When she had been wrapping up another shoot at Deerlake Park in Burnaby she sent me a landscape photo and said meet me here! Turned out to be an amazing backdrop, keep an eye out for a few more outfit post’s coming from this glorious, cold, icy but beautiful place :)


In this shot I have a cozy head piece to go with my Zara bell sleeve sweater, love the sweater so much I got it in two colour! For bottoms I’m wearing my vegan leather leggings from Aritzia, I must in everyone’s wardrobe.

Keep fashionably warm out there!

mabelle-13 mabelle-26 mabelle-8 mabelle-9 mabelle-11

Personal Shopper – Outfit Combinations For a Men’s Shop!


One of the perks with having your own personal shopper is that we do the dirty work for you! By pre pulling and organizing all the items for you to try! We know how overwhelming it can be with the loud music, racks of clothing and the pressure from salespeople. The photo above gives you a glimpse into some of the options pulled together for a recent shop. This client dislikes the mall and every aspect that has to do with shopping and he values his time. We got a few quick candid snaps during the shopping process as seen below. Overall he went home with multiple work and casual outfits to get him thru the next few seasons and avoid the shopping the mall!

img_7181 img_7178 img_7187 img_7179 img_7182

Personal Shopper – A Fashion Post On The Little Details


I often blog about and talk with clients about the little details with-in your personal style. You don’t have to spend a bunch of money on clothing or have a million different pieces in your closet to have an awesome wardrobe. What it really comes down to is multifunctional items with a unique twist that involves your personal style. That twist comes from small details. In this fashion post I’m seen wearing my staple black pants I wear all the time from and a comfortable slide from It’s the sweater from that I needed in my wardrobe. When I saw the small puff on the shoulder and the floral details on the arms that reminded me of needle point. Going from a simple sweater to a sweater with detail really elevated my basic black for fall!

mabelle-oct30-22 mabelle-oct30-19 mabelle-oct30-15

Personal Shopping – Gift Giving Idea!


Mabelle Style now offers gift certificates for the holiday season!

Have you ever wondered if Personal Shopping or Wardrobe Consulting would be the perfect gift idea? Then, check out the points below that are the most common statements, questions and reasons Mabelle Style clients have brought up, which brought them to our service.

  • I have nothing to wear in my wardrobe!
  • How can I create outfits with what I have?
  • I hate shopping!
  • I don’t have the time to look and shop!
  • Nothing fits properly!
  • I can’t find anything in my closet!
  • I want to look sharp… without trying to.
  • How can I add new trends to my existing wardrobe?

Contact for more information on services for Christmas gifts.

Personal Shopping – Talking Whistler Wardrobe


Jacket: Aritzia Denim: AG Boots: Aquaitalia

Jacket: Aritzia
Denim: AG
Boots: Aquaitalia

Recently, I worked with a recurring client who had previously shopped with Mabelle for her everyday wardrobe. There was a gap in her wardrobe regarding her weekend trips to Whistler. My goal was to create a few multifunctional casual comfy looks. My favorite purchase from this particular shop was a black & red check coat that we selected at Aritzia. It had a Canadian vibe and a trendy cocoon cut for room to layer.  The client also requested a look for evenings for an event or fancy dinner she would attend. I pulled a bordeaux sweater-dress from Kate Spade that was very flattering and had the perfect weight for cold winter nights. Check out the pictures we captured on her shopping day to get a glimpse into some of her looks!


Coat: MaxMara Weekend Shirt: Equipmant

Coat: MaxMara Weekend
Shirt: Equipment

Dress: Kate Spade

Dress: Kate Spade

Coat: Hugo Boss

Coat: Hugo Boss

img_20161022_1319392 img_20161022_1323382

Personal Shopper – Elevated Style On Trend

Coat: Sentaler

Coat: Sentaler

On a recent shop our client was looking for a selection of outfits that felt effortless but also gave an elevated look for upcoming meetings or evenings out. We took a couple of pictures during the shopping day to give you an idea of the outfits being created. It can range from an amazing overcoat that can take a t-shirt and jeans to another level or a classic cream silk blouse tucked into a slim trouser for evening style  As a personal shopper it is a priority to create outfits vs pieces with some of our favorite brands and

Blazer: Smythe Blouse: Theory Pants: Aritzia Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Blazer: Smythe
Blouse: Theory
Pants: Aritzia
Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Top & Pants: Aritzia

Top & Pants: Aritzia

Bodysuit: Aritzia Skirt: Missguided Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Bodysuit: Aritzia
Skirt: Missguided
Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Personal Shopper – Crushing On Velvet

Dress: ASOS Choker: Blue Ruby

Dress: ASOS
Choker: Blue Ruby

Photographer: Christine Pienaar

Photographer: Christine Pienaar

It’s been awhile since velvet has come around on the trend forecast but this fall/winter season it’s the fabric in about every style. Dresses, pants, kimono’s, booties you name it! I recall in circa 1998 having a velvet bell bottom pant (cringe) and circa 2005 I had a black velvet blazer which is a least a classic. I could have kept that one if  I wasn’t obsessed with cleaning out my closet regularly.  I personally don’t like to spend a huge amount on really specific trend that stands out, like velvet. I would have loved a pair of velvet booties but for ‘price per wear’ it just didn’t make sense. I did find for $30 this cute shirt dress from ASOS that I felt fit the bill, great colour, perfect length for casual or dressy. Not something I’ll wear more then 5 times as it’s pretty bold,  thank god it was only $30 :)

mabelle-oct30-5 mabelle-oct30-7



Personal Shopper – A few fashion pieces is sometimes all you need


Finding key pieces to add to an already well rounded wardrobe is always fun, I get to focus on trendy items vs basics. This shop was based entirely off that – fun, elevated and trendy! I added some great jackets to her wardrobe, camouflage cotton for casual, a burgundy suede bomber and a beautifully tailored Smythe blazer. (Smythe is the probably one of if not the best brand for the perfect cut blazer!) I also couldn’t resist an elevated boot, not just your basic suede bootie we got the Alexander Wang ‘Alex’ boot.  Sometimes shops don’t need to be big and large volume, it just about finding key pieces to elevate an already great wardrobe:)






Personal Shopper – Don’t get lost in the oversize trend

Sweater: Zara Pants: Armani Bag: Coach

Sweater: Zara
Pants: Armani
Bag: Coach

One of the biggest trends this season is the oversize look – from sweatshirt dresses & giant sweaters to jackets so big they fall off your shoulders. Remember not all trends are for everybody but if you’re wanting to take the plunge into the oversize you want to be mindful that your body isn’t lost in this baggy shapeless style. How does that happen? Make sure  your don’t hide every feature. For example, in this outfit post I have a large sweater and a wide flowy pant, I made sure the sweater was  half tucked in the pant so my waist and hips do not get lost in the outfit. Another great option if you have a longer oversized sweater is to lose the pants! Wear the style as a dress with a healed shoe to give length to the legs and a slimming effect to the overall look.

Photography: Christine Pienaar

Photography: Christine Pienaar

mabelle-oct30-14 mabelle-oct30-13