Image consulting Vancouver client updates!

I had a busy holiday season! Been awhile so we just wanted to pop in and say the blog will start rolling in again for 2012!

Last weekend wrapped up with a new client by referral! Jennifer is back into the work force after having two kids. We set her up with simple yet sophisticated outfits for her return. H&M, Club Monaco, Michael Kors, just some of the stores we hit. The best part about January shopping…. we found a lot of great prices:)

Attached are a couple of outfits I put together for some holiday outings.

Vancouver-20120106-00083 DSC02190

Black Friday Shopping ~ 2011

If you didn’t know already … Alicia and I are hardcore Black Friday shoppers. For the last 5+ years we manage to head down to the states and shop through mayhem.  Goal – great brands at great prices. From Cabezon outlets in Palm springs, SanFrancisco and Vegas, to Seattle and Bellevue.

Top 5 deals in 2011 for girls!

  1. Paige Coloured denim ~ $178 for $40
  2. Tory Burch wool coat ~ $995 for $485
  3. Stuart Weitzman Knee high boots ~$699 for $199
  4. Banana Republic wool coat – $170 for $65
  5. Halston handbag ~ $279 for $129.

The Room & White Space at THE BAY downtown!

Have you checked out The Room at The Bay downtown Vancouver?  Elite Image have, we actually have frequently been visiting and purchasing!  The Room opened last month after a successful test run in Toronto and it is great to finally have another retailer that carries a variety of Mid to High Range options!! .  Some of the brands they carry include:

  • Ralph Lauren
  • Blk Label
  • Roland Mouret
  • Lida Baday
  • Max Mara
  • Armani, and
  • Brian Atwood
  • Hugo Boss
  • Trina Turk
  • Eileen Fisher
  • J Brand
  • Current Elliot
  • Theory
  • and many more great Contemporary Brands

The entire space is aesthetically pleasing and the Customer Service is definitely comparable to many of the American Retailers that we love! ( Nordstrom,Neiman Marcus).  In conclusion The Room has a great selection of product, outstanding customer service, and a great recipe for a successful shopping trip.  This is the type of retail outlet that has all the key elements of a successful business and we wish the Room many more years of great success!

Here are some pictures from one of our many visits at The Room at The Bay & White space.


Elite Image takes on two week wardrobe! Aritzia, Jacob, H&M and more…

Elite Image had a fabulous weekend going into a double closet clean-out with a husband and wife.  Debating on how free t-shirts from sporting events do not count as a dinner appropriate outfit when getting off the sail boat was very fun! Good thing we had the wife to side with us.

On Sunday we had a new client who was looking to build a wardrobe around a two week rotation.  Her goal was to have enough outfits for two weeks while maintaining a professional and modern (chic) look.   The consultation turned out enough outfits to last longer then a two week cycle and she still managed to come in under her $3,800 budget and obtain over 40 items for her new look!

Stores: Aritiza, The Bay (Theory suit), Michael Kors, Locale, Aldo, H&M, and best buys from Jacob.


A Fashion Week in Review…

This past week was quite hectic for Elite Image.  Last Saturday we joined up with a new client and cleaned out their closet, and created some outfits from her wardrobe.   This fashion consulting experience was a great opportunity for us to share our knowledge on colour matching, clothing fit, and pairing items together.

The following evening I was on a red eye flight to New York for business.  I spent all Sunday running shopping in Soho and then hit the spa for some relaxation later that afternoon.   The following week was filled with meetings and a little shopping where I picked up some Paige purple denim and a new pair of Reva’s from Tory Burch.

This upcoming weekend we have two fun filled days with some repeat clients!

  • Client 1 – Budget $2,500 – Winter coat, two boots, boot cut jean, 3 skinny’s, 2 leggings, 5 tanks, 5 sweaters, 5 tops, 2 scarves!!
  • Client 2 – Budget  $2,500 Light weight coat, 4 skinny’s, 2 leggings, 4 tanks, 5 sweaters, 3 tops, 2 boots, handbag, scarf, 3 dresses, 2 belts, necklace



Shopping at Aritzia …. and another closet check-up!

This weekend we had an amazing shopping experience with one of our past clients!  After having twins Leslie wanted to update her look for her new and exciting day to day life with her kids.  From heading to the park or dropping the kids Aritzia came in hand for building this new wardrobe.

Attached photo of Alicia with Patricia whom makes everything run smoothly when we come by Aritzia, and another photo … as we had a quick closet clean out today. Alicia is making sure Valerie’s pants are the right size going into fall!  Jeggings.

Is Vancouver being the third worst dressed city in the world?

To be quite honest… it is not much of a surprise that Vancouver has been rated the third worst dressed city in the world.  However, on the flip side Vancouver is also one of the most active and fit cities in the world.  Perhaps this is why active wear and yoga pants have become the form for everyday attire.

Elite Image has always maintained (and advised our clients) that active wear it is not appropriate attire for the workplace, casual Fridays, or social events out on the town.  Active wear is for the gym, sporting activities, and yoga.

So in Vancouver’s defense, we are considered one of the most healthy cities around – enjoying easy access to skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking and golfing.  In our experience with clients we have found many individuals who have a hard time separating their active lifestyle from their everyday life.  So it is important to separate ones wardrobe into work attire, active wear, and social activities.

We do not expect Vancouver to follow in the footsteps of Montreal’s high fashion or Toronto’s business minded lifestyle as these don’t represent the ethos that embody the west coast lifestyle.  However, Vancouver can certainly be a fashionable city in its own right, why not show off our active bodies that we work so hard to maintain!  In our opinion, moving us off of the “worst-dressed” cities list is easy to do.

Here are a few tips

  • Ladies: switch out your yoga pants, runners and hoodies for a great fitting pair of jeans, heels or flats, a blazer and scarf.
  • Men: ditch your running shorts, windbreakers and running shoes for some nice denim, fashionable sneakers, a nice fitting tee and a casual sport coat!

If you need help in being more fashion forward or just switching things up, call Elite Image. We’re happy to help, and that’s why we are here so feel free to drop us an email at

Back into the swing of things ~ Fall shops starting at holt renfrew

This weekend we began the fall season with a bang.  A couple of closet clean outs and one major men’s shop at Holt’s. Gavin the go to guy at Holt’s and elite image put together some amazing pieces for fall. From a Tom Ford check shirt layered under a charcoal slim cut Burberry suit to a warm Mackage wool coat. See attached pics!

NYC Hurricane ~ Met some great peeps & Found a way to shop!

I was on my way to Turks&Caico’s with a quick stop over in NYC to meet a friend.The trip was cancelled because of hurricane Irene, so with the airport closed I was stranded in NYC.We took advantage of the downtime by shopping, cooking, and going to the movies:) We managed to find our way out to Short Hills Mall before the city shut down and the tolls closed ,great mall with some great shops. We both purchased some electric blue Current Elliot jeans and made a mandatory stop at Tory Burch before venturing back home….side note: coloured denim is a must for fall.

I also had the pleasure of meeting my friends sister who happened to be a designer. Melissa Luning is a graduate from Parson’s in NY. I thought that it was important to blog about her after seeing what she and her team at Crystal Jin bring to the swimsuit world. See attached photo’s and click the link below. These lines should be coming to Canada soon!