Spring 2012 trend ~ Client Specific

Some clients like a visual of what I have has planned  for their shopping day.. I have put together some ideas and looks for one of the first and favorite clients.  I wanted to post this so any potential client has an understanding of the personal services I offer each client.  I also never dress any client the same… I dress to each individual clients needs.  Which is the main reason I have been such a success in this shopping business. Bottom line … what the client feels comfortable in and what works for the lifestyle.

Ideas ~ COLOUR!!!  Denim, wide leg pants, stripe blazer, printed or coral based dress, tunics, wedge with again colour:)

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Image consulting Vancouver client updates!

I had a busy holiday season! Been awhile so we just wanted to pop in and say the blog will start rolling in again for 2012!

Last weekend wrapped up with a new client by referral! Jennifer is back into the work force after having two kids. We set her up with simple yet sophisticated outfits for her return. H&M, Club Monaco, Michael Kors, just some of the stores we hit. The best part about January shopping…. we found a lot of great prices:)

Attached are a couple of outfits I put together for some holiday outings.

Vancouver-20120106-00083 DSC02190