Black Friday A Success!! Thanks @neimanmarcus @aritzia @nordstroms and many more!

Every year its a tradition for a group of us to head to the states and dive into some busy, crowded shopping area’s and hunt some deals. I wanted to list an idea of items we get and prices so you get an idea why it ends up being worth the craziness…. keep in mind this was not all me lol there was 4 girls;)

Tory Burch Leather Jacket $995 vs $445
Alexander Wang tanks $78 vs $24
Sorels $150 vs $80
Mackage coat $600 vs $398
Hinge Leather jacket $348 vs $134
Citizen of Humanity jeans $200 vs $60
Seven printed denim $200 vs $126
Tory Burch Eddie falts $178 vs $100
Balenciaga Handbag $1400 vs $800

just to name a few…

High and Low

The look was big in the summer.. and now has carried through fall. The High/low dress and or skirt. Depending on how you want to wear it! Norma Kamali has some great options on for $285. I found a high/low dress similar at the new forever21 on Robson for $18. What do you think of the high/low look?

It’s that time again…

Holiday season! Having trouble finding that perfect dress for the ladies and dress shirt / tie combo for men?? We know its going to be crazy at the malls, and you’ll leave the party outfit till last minute as it’s not a priority. To save time get us to find you that outfit for the holidays. Attached is few dresses we like for 2012 holiday!!

Camo keeps coming back…

I swear Camo never stops coming up in the fashion trends. It seems to always stick it out and re-appear in a new cut or style every year. My fave this year is the camo skinny. Current Elliot did a great one, as well as a casual camo jacket. I got mine for a stellar deal $54 at Zara… Would you wear Camo?






Check out @timelinegastown a hidden gem.

I have been a big consigner since the age of 13. Crazy right!! Shopping habits started young with my Dr.Martin collection in grade 8. Red patent to plaid 8 holes.. had to make money off them when the trend ended to afford the latest trend rolling thru by grade 10 lol. The consignment world has always been like and additional job to keep up with the fashion trends. I have had challenges over the years finding a consigner who pays out, sells goods at realistic prices and allows drop offs at anytime. I have now recently found Timeline in gastown who solves all those problems…

*Shop designer items at amazing prices
*There is no minimum amount of items you must bring in to open an account & consign.
*They pay cash-up-front for some items
*track your items & payout from home with our private online login, exclusive to Timeline Boutique
And much more check them out

The leather vest

The leather vest is a hot item for fall. I purchased one on my black Friday shop last year and defiantly had difficulty figuring out what to do with this piece. Now that’s its such a big trend and edgy looks of camo and skulls seem big it has become easy to make this piece cool. Below is me finally in mine (tory burch)as well as a few other options from
What do you think of the leather vest?

The Cross

I have always had a love for skulls and camo in the fashion world… but now the cross look is starting to take over for fall.  Some looks below from and my own cross sweater from forever21 $20.

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