EI shopping week!

This week I did a small men’s shop mid week. We got a couple of staple pieces that brought together one of our male clients work wardrobe.  I also introduced him to Tom Ford dress shirts which he fell in love with and a  basic Hugo Boss sweater to keep it simple for spring. This client loves to sail so it was a great surprise for him to learn that Sperry Top-siders  have become a trend.  We picked him up a plaid pair to wear on the boat or to a casual dinner:)
Saturday we had to put together a spring/summer shop for a regular. It has been a bit of challenge due to the fact that summer seems to be around only a couple of months of the year. We found some key pieces that can be carried year round and came in line with a $2500 budget.  Rag & Bone khaki’s, Jbrand skinny’s, Aritzia cropped jacket, two silk dresses, 2 silk tops, basic ribbed tanks in some pop colours. Then we hit up HM to get a pencil skirt for $19 and a few button up blouses for $24. Nine West is her favorite shoe store, we managed to find a cute sandal with a small heel in a nice Blue and a great comfy flat.
Sunday’s shop was much larger it was a new client who had never shopped with us before. We managed to pull together some great colours and styles to carry her over the next six months. Starting from scratch( other than a few skirts, one pant and a tunic) we built a whole new wardrobe around a $3500 Budget.See the list below.
– 3 Cardigans
– 2 dresses
– 2 JBrand skinny’s
– 2 slim capri’s
– 7 tops
– 1 handbag
– 2 scarves
– 2 wedges 1 gladiator
– 3 camisoles
– Trench
– Blazer
Now thats a full closet!! And all items interchange with one another:)

Busy Sunday …

Sunday started off super fun dressing up one of the original clients from the beginning. I would say 100% of her wardrobe at this point (4 yrs later) only has pieces chosen from the best … EI;)  This shop we managed to get some cute casual pieces from Aritzia as well as a DVF red floral wrap dress for a wedding.  Holts also offered some great pieces for us to add to the work wardrobe.  And how could we forget shoes.. Lanvin flats, and YSL stingray pumps!!

After the shop we headed to a new clients to clean out the closet. I have to admit she did have some great pieces but the main challenge was the pieces missing to create a full wardrobe!!  We attached pics of some looks that we will be pulling together for next weekends shop:)


Spring 2012 trend ~ Client Specific

Some clients like a visual of what I have has planned  for their shopping day.. I have put together some ideas and looks for one of the first and favorite clients.  I wanted to post this so any potential client has an understanding of the personal services I offer each client.  I also never dress any client the same… I dress to each individual clients needs.  Which is the main reason I have been such a success in this shopping business. Bottom line … what the client feels comfortable in and what works for the lifestyle.

Ideas ~ COLOUR!!!  Denim, wide leg pants, stripe blazer, printed or coral based dress, tunics, wedge with again colour:)

6a00d83420b8e253ef016760f4636d970b-800wi 2012-blazer-design brighcitrustrendspring2012 Colored-Denim crop-david-peck-spring-12-red.jpg.644x0_q100_crop-smart colored-denim-for-net-a-porter.com_ Picture-Printed-Blazer-Spring-2012-Trend_04 rupertsanderson_spring_2012_shoes_set9 spring-2012-of-Printed-Blazers tory-burch-tory-tunic,-$275-at-nordstrom