The leather vest

The leather vest is a hot item for fall. I purchased one on my black Friday shop last year and defiantly had difficulty figuring out what to do with this piece. Now that’s its such a big trend and edgy looks of camo and skulls seem big it has become easy to make this piece cool. Below is me finally in mine (tory burch)as well as a few other options from
What do you think of the leather vest?

Spring 2012 trend ~ Client Specific

Some clients like a visual of what I have has planned  for their shopping day.. I have put together some ideas and looks for one of the first and favorite clients.  I wanted to post this so any potential client has an understanding of the personal services I offer each client.  I also never dress any client the same… I dress to each individual clients needs.  Which is the main reason I have been such a success in this shopping business. Bottom line … what the client feels comfortable in and what works for the lifestyle.

Ideas ~ COLOUR!!!  Denim, wide leg pants, stripe blazer, printed or coral based dress, tunics, wedge with again colour:)

6a00d83420b8e253ef016760f4636d970b-800wi 2012-blazer-design brighcitrustrendspring2012 Colored-Denim crop-david-peck-spring-12-red.jpg.644x0_q100_crop-smart colored-denim-for-net-a-porter.com_ Picture-Printed-Blazer-Spring-2012-Trend_04 rupertsanderson_spring_2012_shoes_set9 spring-2012-of-Printed-Blazers tory-burch-tory-tunic,-$275-at-nordstrom

NYC Hurricane ~ Met some great peeps & Found a way to shop!

I was on my way to Turks&Caico’s with a quick stop over in NYC to meet a friend.The trip was cancelled because of hurricane Irene, so with the airport closed I was stranded in NYC.We took advantage of the downtime by shopping, cooking, and going to the movies:) We managed to find our way out to Short Hills Mall before the city shut down and the tolls closed ,great mall with some great shops. We both purchased some electric blue Current Elliot jeans and made a mandatory stop at Tory Burch before venturing back home….side note: coloured denim is a must for fall.

I also had the pleasure of meeting my friends sister who happened to be a designer. Melissa Luning is a graduate from Parson’s in NY. I thought that it was important to blog about her after seeing what she and her team at Crystal Jin bring to the swimsuit world. See attached photo’s and click the link below. These lines should be coming to Canada soon!


“chooing” down the doors of H&M

H&M opened it’s doors Saturday to a line up around the corner downtown Vancouver. Why? Jimmy Choo created
as shoe/accessories and clothing line. Was it worth the madness of women plunging through shoe boxes. No! We felt the product was way overpriced. And a side note the majority of big spenders had the product posted on  craigslist the following day. If you really love Jimmy Choo spend the extra $100-200 and pick up an original.
If you’r sad you missed the hoopla! Your in luck. That is if your in New York City. They will be doing one more drop this November 19th in the three downtown H&M stores.


Women’s top 10 fashion for fall/winter 2008

Women’s fall/winter 2008 is very understated with emphasis on neutrals. The key to make this collection ‘pop’ is adding the must have accessories of the season.

Top ten must haves.

#1 – Belts

#2 – Almond toe boots

#3 – Tuxedo blazer

#4 – Scarves

#5 – Double breasted coat

#6 – Trouser jean

#7 – Clutch

#8 – Chunky jewels

#9 – Opaque nylons

#10 – Defined collars



Men’ s top 10 fashion for fall/winter 2008

Men’s fall/winter 2008 collections promise to bring strong contrast in
styles. Mixing modern classic pieces with casual smart wear. Neutrals
will be set apart from the tame women’s collections by adding plaids and purples to the chilly season.

EI’s top ten must haves.

#1 – Scarves

#2 – Plaid skinny tie

#3 – Tweed sports jacket

#4 – Anything purple

#5 – Plaid sports shirt

#6 – Military style boot

#7 – Three piece suit

#8 – Modern leather jacket

#9 – Narrow black denim

#10 – Chunky sweater