Fashion Stylist | Dress For Your Body Type

One of the most common challenges I hear from potential clients looking to hire a fashion stylist, “I can’t find anything that fits my body type.” Insert the expert stylist, we specialize in knowing brands that work for a range of different body types and most importantly we know styling tricks to ensure your consistently featuring the most flattering areas of your body.

The first step to understanding your style is by knowing what your body shape is.

Once you have discovered what your body shape is,  you’re now one step ahead, making it easier to put outfits together.  I’ve shared a few generalized style tips below that could help.

*Balance fit, colour & prints of your outfit to work with your personal shape. This can create a visual, symmetrical overall look.

*Find outfits that downplay the area’s of your body type you feel uncomfortable about or know might not be as flattering.

*Find ways to enhance the areas you’re most confident about. Ex: Legs, wear cropped pants, skirts & dresses.

*Something as small as an accessory can really enhance certain body shapes, for example belts can create the look of a waist or enhance your waist if it’s your best feature.

*The smallest details can change your overall shape, for example, a little half tuck with your shirt into the front of your pant or skirt can change the entire look.

*It’s Important to find out what colours work best for both your skin colour and body shape.

Want to learn more about styling to your body type? Try working one on one with a fashion stylist!