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Spring 2012 trend ~ Client Specific

Some clients like a visual of what I have has planned  for their shopping day.. I have put together some ideas and looks for one of the first and favorite clients.  I wanted to post this so any potential client has an understanding of the personal services I offer each client.  I also never dress any client the same… I dress to each individual clients needs.  Which is the main reason I have been such a success in this shopping business. Bottom line … what the client feels comfortable in and what works for the lifestyle.

Ideas ~ COLOUR!!!  Denim, wide leg pants, stripe blazer, printed or coral based dress, tunics, wedge with again colour:)

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Image consulting Vancouver client updates!

I had a busy holiday season! Been awhile so we just wanted to pop in and say the blog will start rolling in again for 2012!

Last weekend wrapped up with a new client by referral! Jennifer is back into the work force after having two kids. We set her up with simple yet sophisticated outfits for her return. H&M, Club Monaco, Michael Kors, just some of the stores we hit. The best part about January shopping…. we found a lot of great prices:)

Attached are a couple of outfits I put together for some holiday outings.

Vancouver-20120106-00083 DSC02190

NYC Hurricane ~ Met some great peeps & Found a way to shop!

I was on my way to Turks&Caico’s with a quick stop over in NYC to meet a friend.The trip was cancelled because of hurricane Irene, so with the airport closed I was stranded in NYC.We took advantage of the downtime by shopping, cooking, and going to the movies:) We managed to find our way out to Short Hills Mall before the city shut down and the tolls closed ,great mall with some great shops. We both purchased some electric blue Current Elliot jeans and made a mandatory stop at Tory Burch before venturing back home….side note: coloured denim is a must for fall.

I also had the pleasure of meeting my friends sister who happened to be a designer. Melissa Luning is a graduate from Parson’s in NY. I thought that it was important to blog about her after seeing what she and her team at Crystal Jin bring to the swimsuit world. See attached photo’s and click the link below. These lines should be coming to Canada soon!


Norway Client & Boutiques Victoria, BC

Last weekend I was cruising the streets of Victoria checking out the local boutiques. One of my fave things to do when I go back home. I came across a store that just opened two weeks ago called Public Boutique on Oak Bay Ave. I wanted to share it with the frequent peeps that check the blog.. The store was very fresh and clean and the product had a simplicity to it that I really enjoyed. Check it out next time your in Vic!

An old favorite of mine on Oak Bay Ave is the Nicholas Randall store.  My bff Sarah picked me up a sideways cross necklace from here. I have yet to take it off.  Clients have loved it so much that I had to pick up a couple to bring back to Van.
Thursday turned out to be another shop with a visitor from out of town! This time he came all the way from Norway. Enjoying the summer as an online poker player he decided to up the anti on his fashion before heading back home. He reached out to us and we created an edgy casual wardrobe in 4 hours! Armani Exchange, Browns shoes, and some classic pieces from Holts pulled it all together for another successful shop. (shop the sideways cross necklace)




Recommendations for this season…

Allsaints clothing. The company is UK based and just started to expand in the US. One store in LA on Roberston Blvd and a second store just opened in the Soho area of New York. For us Canadians we have the luxury to shop on line by going to

The clothing is raw and edgy. Lots of unfinished edges and off beat silhouettes.

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