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Personal Stylist – Closet Detox & Fall Shopping

Time to clean out the worn sweaters and shop for new ones!

Current state – Lots of bottoms and denim in the wardrobe!

Thankfully we have yet to see the heavy snowfalls that took us all by surprise last winter! But we have seen a lot of rain this past month as well as some crisp air, which has been perfect for sweaters and layering!  The client story we’re sharing on the blog today had a shop filled with just that, perfect layering pieces and an introduction to some new brands! She has been shopping with Mabelle style for 10 years, having both closet clean outs and shops seasonally twice a year. We started this season off by going over her current wardrobe which has a lot of bottoms, as seen in the above photo and some great tops! For this shop we needed to update her style with everyday sweaters & layering options. Even though she didn’t need new bottoms she never shy’s away from a new pair of denim, we introduced her to Mother Denim a brand pretty new to the Vancouver market! She loved the fit and ended up going home with two pairs!


Personal Shopper – Sneak Peak Into A Men’s Fall Shop

Recently we did a men’s personal shop for fall! This client has been a regular, shopping with Mabelle Style for coming up four years. We went through his closet beforehand and cleaned out lots of worn out bottoms and basics as well as shoes. During the personal shop we made sure to  update those worn out pieces as well found items to create full outfits going into the chilly weather. This client loves t-shirts which meant we need to find some great layering pieces to give more to the t-shirt style. We ended up with a cool mid weight Hugo Boss blazer that was a knit blend – not only a perfect weight for Vancouver weather but it won’t wrinkle when travelling! We also purchased 5 updated jeans/pants, three new shoes and plenty of tops. Check some outfit photos below to see his cool style for this fall.

Personal Shopper – Style Between Summer & Fall

Christine Pienaar Photography

Summer has come to an end but the weather is still showing that it’s not fall yet, that’s forsure!! WIth that being said sometimes these transitional times of year can become challenging to put together outfits.  It’s to hot for sweaters and coats but not warm enough to keep wearing those summer dresses!  A look I put together recently to accommodate to the season was a See By Chloe knit dress (perfect weight for light breezy days) and a pair of booties. Who doesn’t love a good pair of booties! I picked up this style ‘Clinger’  from one of my favorite brands for year round boots.

Personal Shopper – The Shirt Dress

Shirt: Aritzia
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Louboutin

The past two seasons we have seen a lot of shirts becoming dresses! From sweatshirts and t-shirts to a poplin blouse all the tops are now being worn in a bit baggier style and a little longer length. This trend is versatile from day to night all by playing with the perfect shoe. Ankle booties, pumps and over the knee boots for fall create a chic look out of a loose, oversized top!!

Want to know more about the shirt dress look? Ask us, the personal stylist experts and we can tell you how to get the look!

Personal Shopper – Love A Bold Print!

Coat: Zara
Denim: Citizen of Humanity
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

One of the more popular trends this season has been a bold print.  Think of a print you would most likely see on wallpaper or even drapes! Trends seem to be coming from inspiration in the living room and now moving into your closet! The vivid prints and color have been focused more on a layering piece vs your entire outfit. Lightweight maxi or kimono style coats found on designer runways to H&M. Lots of options at variable price points. I picked up my kimono style at Zara for $69! It was the perfect piece layered over neutrals.

Photographer: Christine Pienaar

Personal Shopper – Are you rocking white denim for summer?

I can’t get enough of white denim, not just for summer but year round. Some people may not be comfortable to carry white denim passed labor day but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a pair for summer! White denim is a staple that can be worn casual or dressy. We picked up a pair at a recent shop for a Mabelle Style client who had worn out her first pair from a shop two years ago. When we replaced them we put a few new summer tops together in the pictures below. If you’re struggling to find the ideal denim fit, reach out to Mabelle and have your style expert find you the ultimate pair.

Shirt: Rails
Denim: Frame

Jacket: Frame
Tank: Rag & Bone
Denim: Frame

Shirt: Rails
Denim: Frame

Personal Shopper – Stay Looking Sharp After A Personal Shopping Day!

If you have made the jump into getting your own personal shopper,  you now know how much time you have gotten back into your life that you once spent searching for the perfect outfit!  The personal shopping day can sometimes be overwhelming when you get home and see all these bags and think – I can hardly remember what I bought!  When the unpacking starts you now see all these amazing outfits you’re adding to your wardrobe. But some people struggle with remembering all the new outfit combinations !  All they see is a lot of clothes and don’t no where to start, this is when outfit grids become very useful.  Mabelle Style takes photo’s of outfit combinations for you to have in your email or to print. If you’re unsure what shirt goes with what suit and what tie goes with the entire ensemble you can be just a click away, open your email and see multiple options!  To get a glimpse into what a few shots of outfit grids look like, check out below!


Personal Shopper – Inspiration With Colour Blocking


Photographer: Christine Pienaar

Inspiration for Mabelle’s ‘personal’ style never comes from one place, and for clients my inspiration comes from many sources! Reading, travelling, instagramming, books and magazines… there are numerous outlets to find fashion ideas, trends and new creations. Once the creative juices click in, go for it full speed.

For this overall trend, Mabelle Style gravitated to Spring/Summer 2017 fashion shows watching Victoria Beckham stroll around New York in Fall sporting her Spring 2017 line. I loved the colour blocking used with her very bold colours (bright oranges and purple hues.) Colour blocking is a difficult task but by using your own personal stylist you to can get it right ;)  If this is a look you want to achieve, one easy way to get it right is to go for bold contrasting colours. This concept can be weird because if you think it doesn’t work, it probably does work! Just be sure to avoid pastel shades, think strong colours from your childhood!

Get my look – I pieced together a $29 skirt found during Aritzia’s past sale with a current $200 knotted Alexander Wang t-shirt. One of my fave spring trends #colourblocking.

Personal Shopping – Casual Everyday Style



Another shop with another request for a popular casual-look for everyday wear. Mabelle’s recent client had the luxury of being able to wear comfortable clothes for both work and play! This presents a unique challenge when these kind of fashion environments arise.  Often clients wish to maintain an effortless comfortable-look but at the same time, appear a bit trendy and not frumpy. A fashion conscious client is searching for the current trends with a more relaxed take on everyday wear.
To solve this dilemma, we sourced out and pre-pulled racks of creative options and pieced together a group of fun and interesting items incorporating new trends such as embroidery, girlfriend style denim, bell sleeve shirts and a great bomber jacket. Check out some of the outfit combo’s below!

Jacket: Opening Ceramony
Denim: Frame
Shoes: Phillip Lim

Shirt: Rails

Shirt: See By Chloe
Denim: Citizens of Humanity
Shoes: Prada

Shirt: DVF
Shoes: JImmy Choo

Shirt: Theory



Personal Shopper – 90’s fishnets become today’s trend

Shoes: Aquazzura
Stockings: Wolford
Denim: Mother

Street style has become the way of fashion trends! What’s more inspiring for fashion lovers, watching the runway shows? Or watching the street style fashion heading to the runways before the show?

The 90’s trend has become a new look stemming from the street styles captured on the way into the top fashion shows of the season.  Fishnets can give a little edge to  bohemian dresses, denim shorts, boyfriend jeans etc. Simple and low price accessory that really amps up your personal style.

This was a style I was unsure how to pull off with my personal style, but after a little (or a lot!) of inspiration from the fashion shows and Instagram I realized I can take this look as an add on accessory and incorporate it into my wardrobe. I prefer the fishnet socks vs the full tights and I love them with with a great pair of heals!