Personal Stylist – Shopping for husband & wife combo!


Suit: Hugo Boss
Shirt: Eton
TIe: Zegna
Shoes: Etro

My last fall shop of the season was for a husband and wife combo! The husband arrives for his shop in the morning so he is in and out of the mall before the chaus starts, purchasing his new wardrobe.  The wife on the other hand is with us for the entire day, as she thoroughly enjoys seeing her husbands new outfits and then has the afternoon to herself with the stylist!

For us, the nice part to styling a husband and wife together, is that we can ensure the outfits are compatible with one another. We don’t mean matchy matchy, more to the idea that they look like they are always going to the same party. For example, both have some great leather jackets and casual pieces as well as she has some perfectly fitted dresses for when he is in a suit!

One common area we notice with all the husband and wife clients is that the wives tend to remember and know how to keep the outfit combinations together once they get home! For the husbands that’s another story lol. They love the outfit grids,  they can always have a photo of the perfect outfit combination to keep them sharp.  To give you a glimpse into some of the amazing outfit combos from this past shop check out the photos below!

Jacket: Hugo Boss
T shirt: John Varvatos
Denim: Paige

acket: Armani
Shirt: Hugo Boss
Pants: Zegna
Shoes: Tods

Shirt Jacket: Wings & Horns
Henley: John Varvatos
Shoes: Tods
Denim: AG