Personal Stylist – When an online purchase isn’t what you thought

Before Look: Online purchase ALC dress.

Have you ever ordered an item online in hopes it would be as amazing as it looked on the model? Then you receive it and it’s nothing but!  I think that’s happened to the best of us, especially when we find a sale item and can’t resist. Once it has arrived it becomes much less then a steller deal as it just sits in the closet forever.  I do think as a stylist,  there is hope!! Sometimes it just takes a little more thought and creativity to make that oversized sweater, to short of denim or whatever else you may have purchased look cool again. The look in this post shows a dress from one of my favorite brands, ALC, I had ordered online thinking what a deal, half price! When I received the dress in the mail it just didn’t fit, making me look wider and didn’t showcase any the areas I like to focus on with my personal style. What I did was play around layer jackets to give the dress a cool casual vibe or dressy night out look!
For all those random online purchases, there’s hope! Add belts, jewellery, or like me a jacket to make the look new again. It could even be a heal vs a flat or sometimes its just a quick visit to the seamstress to tweak that ill fitting area that the model didn’t seem to have at the online purchase:)

After: Casual Look adding denim jacket & booties

After: Dressy Look by adding a pair of heels & leather cropped leather jacket