Personal Shopper – Stay Looking Sharp After A Personal Shopping Day!

If you have made the jump into getting your own personal shopper,  you now know how much time you have gotten back into your life that you once spent searching for the perfect outfit!  The personal shopping day can sometimes be overwhelming when you get home and see all these bags and think – I can hardly remember what I bought!  When the unpacking starts you now see all these amazing outfits you’re adding to your wardrobe. But some people struggle with remembering all the new outfit combinations !  All they see is a lot of clothes and don’t no where to start, this is when outfit grids become very useful.  Mabelle Style takes photo’s of outfit combinations for you to have in your email or to print. If you’re unsure what shirt goes with what suit and what tie goes with the entire ensemble you can be just a click away, open your email and see multiple options!  To get a glimpse into what a few shots of outfit grids look like, check out below!