Black Friday A Success!! Thanks @neimanmarcus @aritzia @nordstroms and many more!

Every year its a tradition for a group of us to head to the states and dive into some busy, crowded shopping area’s and hunt some deals. I wanted to list an idea of items we get and prices so you get an idea why it ends up being worth the craziness…. keep in mind this was not all me lol there was 4 girls;)

Tory Burch Leather Jacket $995 vs $445
Alexander Wang tanks $78 vs $24
Sorels $150 vs $80
Mackage coat $600 vs $398
Hinge Leather jacket $348 vs $134
Citizen of Humanity jeans $200 vs $60
Seven printed denim $200 vs $126
Tory Burch Eddie falts $178 vs $100
Balenciaga Handbag $1400 vs $800

just to name a few…