Norway Client & Boutiques Victoria, BC

Last weekend I was cruising the streets of Victoria checking out the local boutiques. One of my fave things to do when I go back home. I came across a store that just opened two weeks ago called Public Boutique on Oak Bay Ave. I wanted to share it with the frequent peeps that check the blog.. The store was very fresh and clean and the product had a simplicity to it that I really enjoyed. Check it out next time your in Vic!

An old favorite of mine on Oak Bay Ave is the Nicholas Randall store.  My bff Sarah picked me up a sideways cross necklace from here. I have yet to take it off.  Clients have loved it so much that I had to pick up a couple to bring back to Van.
Thursday turned out to be another shop with a visitor from out of town! This time he came all the way from Norway. Enjoying the summer as an online poker player he decided to up the anti on his fashion before heading back home. He reached out to us and we created an edgy casual wardrobe in 4 hours! Armani Exchange, Browns shoes, and some classic pieces from Holts pulled it all together for another successful shop. (shop the sideways cross necklace)