Steven Harper, Fashion, & Mike Lloyd

Hello… It’s Mike Lloyd at News1130 Radio.  I’m hoping to talk to you about some of the federal candidates ahead of our coming election… in particular Mr. Stephen Harper. It seems he’s lost weight, perhaps gone a little greyer and is maybe tailoring his image a little as we get ready to vote.
I’d just like to talk about revamping or tweaking images, what it can do for you, how it’s done (and maybe get some friendly suggestions for the PM and the other leaders).

– Mike Lloyd – On the Offbeat 1130 News Radio

The Elite Image response… It looks like he got hit with an oil slick of subsidies wearing all those black and blue suits. What he needs is some green in his wardrobe, a skinny tie, and some fashionable boots. Then maybe he will bring some fresh ideas and a new look to a progressive wardrobe… after all new styles and new cloths change, just like industry. It’s important to be a leader in style, sometimes when you’re stuck in a rut it can be hard.  When you look at your closet only to put on the same suit (or sweater vest) day in and day out, brush your hair the same way, it can be very hard to try something new.  There’s nothing wrong with being fiscally conservative, but if you want to be a leader with style you have to mix in new ideas every season. If there’s one thing to learn from great fashion designers, it’s that they always think ahead, encourage new concepts, and develop new ideas with style.  For the fall Season Steven needs to come out of the closet with a fresh new look, something that will make other leaders green with envy. Then with that one little step, he could work towards a new style for each season and make Canada a leader in new technology for the green economy. After all, you can still be fiscally conservative when you need to clean out your old cabinet and bring in new ideas… you just have to know the right ladies to look too.