Shoes In The City ~ Excerpts From Our Press Release

Elite Image Launches New Service to Celebrate the Return of the Fab Four

The Shoes and the City shopping package complements Elite Image’s other personal consulting services – including wardrobe consultations and evaluations, personal image makeovers, shopping guidance and much more.  The Elite Image team can also work with a range of budgets and needs, from great to small.

Similar to other Elite Image services, the Shoes and the City package involves a personalized consultation and evaluation, as well as a thorough assessment of clients’ footwear needs, and personal shopping guidance at some of the city’s finest boutiques and stores.

“As fashion, image and lifestyle consultants, this new package is a perfect addition to our other services and to what we do,” adds Lindsay Wilkins, an Elite Image Consultant.  “Our goal is – and has always been – to help our clients develop a winning image and style that’s right for them, personally and professionally, from head to toe.”